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Beyond the Midgard Wall lie lands never tamed by the Vanir—Utgard. For those born in Midgard, the wilds of Utgard represent lands of fear and chaos, always threatening to breach into the known world and consume it.   Into Utgard, the Vanir banished the jotunnar and numerous other beasts of chaos. Here, these mythic beings flourish, building their own kingdoms and oft as not, simmering in cold fury at the lands the Vanir denied to them.   Here too, lays the unfathomable Serkland Caliphate, perpetual foe of the kingdoms of the South Realms.  


Utgard means something like “outer world” (compare with Midgard “Middle World” and Asgard “Ás World”). It is the world or stronghold of the jotunnar, possibly the same as Jötunheim, or possibly (as I suppose in The Ragnarok Era) a greater region surrounding that realm.
Alternative Name(s)
The Outer World

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