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Midgard is the so-called Middle World enclosed within the Midgard Wall, divided into the North Realms and South Realms. It is the world of mankind, protected long ago by the Vanir. The Midgard Wall holds back the chaos of Utgard, most notably the jotunnar whom the Vanir banished long ago.   The Midgard Wall runs along the route of the Ural Mountains, then continues south, wrapping around the Hyrcanian Sea and running up to the Middle Sea.

Fauna & Flora

Includes megafauna from the last Ice Age, such as mammoths, dire wolves, and cave lions.


  In Norse myth, Midgard might refer to both the world and the wall that protects that world. Traditionally, the wall is made from Ymir’s eyebrows, and the world from his body. This wall protects mankind from the other eight worlds, which are largely invisible despite touching our world. Midgard is located in the middle of Yggdrasil.


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