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The Daghdha - God of Weather and Crops

King of the Gods

The Daghdha is an exceptionally large man, towering over any other human, and staring eye to eye with smaller giants. He is an older man, in his late 50s or early 60s, with broad shoulders and a thicker physique. Though his head is kept shaved and tattooed, he lets his white-streaked, grey beard grow wildly. On special occasions, The Daghdha is known to braid his beard and hold it with iron rings.   As king of Caelistra, The Daghdha wears a simple crown of woven branches, fastened together with rings of silver. Draped about his shoulders is a dark brown cloak, made from the fur of a dire bear. He wields a great club, though with his size only needs one hand to swing it. The club is made of a unique wood. The wood itself is a very dark brown, but it has veins of gold, silver, and bronze running through it, with a ring of each material on its end.   Domains - Nature and Trickery   Alignment - Chaotic Good   Weapon - Mace

Divine Domains

Weather, Crops

Divine Classification
Current Location
The Forest of Eons
Year of Birth
-1500 (2856 years old)
Pale Blue
Shaven head. Long, wild beard. Grey with white streaks

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