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Brigantia - Goddess of Rivers and Livestock

Brigantia is a young halfling, full of life and joy. She is a little on the stockier side and is among the smallest of the gods, not even taller than her mortal kin. Brigantia is in charge of tending to Caelistra’s farmlands and livestock. The Plains of Prosperity are the richest and most fertile lands of Caelistra, capable of growing and sustaining any crop or animal imaginable. She has a fairly relaxed look to her, wearing a loose fitting blouse and pants, usually in a brown or white color. She carries a staff that can change itself into many useful forms to help her work the lands. Usually, she has it as a crook, but it can also take the form of a scythe, rake, shovel, or hoe. For protection, she also keeps a light crossbow at her hip that is intricately carved with scenes of The Plains of Prosperity, though she carries no bolts.   Alignment - Neutral Good   Race - Halfling   Weapon - Crossbow

Divine Domains


Divine Classification
Current Location
The Plains of Prosperity
Year of Birth
-1500 (2856 years old)
Deep Emerald Green
Long, straight, auburn

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