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Erina is a world dominated by magic, where borders, attitudes, and even the laws of reality are constantly shifting. Influenced by the few with the power of the Gold, or the many with one of the four Elemental magics that runs through every fibre of the Elementals. A single snap of a person’s fingers could shatter the world you once knew, and no action goes without consequence. A web of connections ties everyone together, the bonds of love carrying a price that cuts deeper than grief.
  Dragon’s soar through the skies, while people discuss rumours of war behind closed doors. The winds of chaos swirl through the air. Rulers fall, terrorists scheme, and people hide their blades dripping with innocent blood behind their backs. Rumoured creatures hide in the dark, looking for an opportunity to bite. Elemental or Ravager. Fire, Earth, Lightning or Ice. So many similarities, but with differences that constantly put them at odds. Or on each other’s dinner plates.

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