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A small Earthren town that exists solely to mine the Enigma crystals nearby.


An Earthren town that is mainly composed of miners. Most of the demographic is young Earthren men and women. If a non-Earth Elemental was spotted around this place, they'd probably call for help from the soldiers guarding the mine rather than welcoming them as a tourist.


As the settlement almost exclusively exists to mine, the overarching organization is the mining company. They provide the food and board for the labour within town, and any business that moves into the town pays a portion to the organization. The organization then pays the taxes and such to the Earthren crown.


Given that the town has popped up because of the newly found source of Enigma Crystals, there hasn't been a lot of time put into putting up permanent defences. The town is defended by soldiers from the Earthren military, as the crystals in the mine are an important military resource. However, it is certainly not walled like any major or minor city, and the risks from the scourge is still very high.   Most of the defences surround the area where the Enigma Crystals are processed and stored, and less of where people live. In the settlement, it is common for a couple of people to go missing or be found dead now and then. This is hardly a concern for the military or for the mining organization, unless enough miners are going missing, interfering with production of the Enigma Crystals. Most join this kind of job, understanding the risk of living outside city walls.

Industry & Trade

Mining of the Enigma Crystals, and the other precious gems found within the mines. If the mine was to run dry, then the town would cease to exist and a new crystal deposit would need to be found.
approx. 1700


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