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Velitum Gas

The Velitum swamps sit near the heart of the Wurn plains, the unique cocktail of vegetation and minerals festering and rotting in the extreme climate of that region. During the scorching heat of the Aetherium the volumes of gas produced by the swamp reach their zenith, and huge clouds of white gas roll slowly across the plains intoxicating all life in its path. Then, when the icy winds of Aetherium flow down from the mountains the gas condenses and freezes on the long stalks of the swamp grass. It is then that the harvesters brave the freezing conditions to reap the pure white Velitum crystals.   Dangerous, miraculous, enchanting and valuable, Velitum gas has polarised the leaders and citizens across the civilised world


Material Characteristics

In normal conditions velitum appears as a thick white gas, but when frozen if forms long clear crystals which seem to trap sunlight.

Physical & Chemical Properties

When inhaled, velitum gas initially has a rejuvenating effect on the affected creature, causing rapid repair to damaged tissues and increasing stamina tenfold.   Unfortunately, shortly after this period the gas becomes intoxicating. Sentient creatures quickly find themselves unable to stop inhaling the gas and sudden withdrawals have been known to result in death from shock. Those who survive have reported a feeling of euphoria and visions of the celestial realms.   Long term users of the gas eventually become unable to breathe without it, and eventually they must have constant exposure or die of asphyxiation. Postmortems of these individuals has revealed a subtle but crucial change to the lining of the lungs, which would appear to be the cause of the malady.

History & Usage


Originally Velitum was used by healers to revive the chronically ill, and by warriors to improve their skill in combat. However, as more and more people began to abuse its intoxicating effects, rulers and governments began to regulate its sale and ban its use. Now it is heavily restricted, and only licensed alchemists are allowed to keep it stored.
Similar to freshly chopped mint, but covering a subtle sulphurous smell
Boiling / Condensation Point
0 C
Melting / Freezing Point
-15 C
Common State

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