Living Erenel

Join a new D&D5e/MMO experience in the Erenel Fictional Universe.

Welcome to Living Erenel, a large-scale community TTRPG, created by Gamingbrew for multiple Dungeon Masters and Players to enjoy an evolving world together. This heavily modified D&D5E/MMO experience is inspired by west march campaigns, various TTRPG shows, multiple MMOs, and RPGs.   Living Erenel is structured over a weekly basis, where players can engage in an extensive range of character building. In a week of Living Erenel, you could recruit a group of adventures and tackle a job posting. Spend downtime crafting items, harvesting materials, or selling goods in the market. Organize peace treaties between player-driven factions to tackle an otherworldly threat and so much more!

Why Living Erenel?

  • Created by a dungeon master with 20+ years of experience.
  • Be part of a TTRPG community experience in an everchanging world.
  • Designed with multiple ways to feel a sense of meaningful progression.
  • Join adventures when your schedule allows it. A busy week? Roleplay, faction advancement, or downtime is available even if you aren't included in a session.
  • Encounter seasonal world events that must be faced as a community!

Four Pillars

Living Erenel is designed around four major pillars; adventuring, downtime, factions, and roleplay.


Joining Living Erenel

To play in Living Erenel, you will join as a Player Character or as a Dungeon Master. The amount of characters active in the world at one time is determined by the current amount of Dungeon Master scheduling adventures.

Join as a Player Character

To join as a Player Character, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Living Erenel uses Foundry VTT to run all adventure sessions with access provided to players at no cost.
  • Be subscribed to either Gamingbrew’s Twitch Channel or Patreon when character submissions are open. You will need a special Discord rank to participate, which is only available by one of these avenues of support. Supporting on Twitch or Patreon does not guarantee admittance into Living Erenel!
  • Follow all Gamingbrew Discord Rules.
  • You may only play one Player Character at a time. If you want to play a new character, your new character must either die or retire. A retired character is no longer under your control. You can trade or donate your characters belonging to a player or faction.
  • If you are inactive from Living Erenel for one month, your character is retired. When you return, if a spot is available you may rejoin Living Erenel. If a spot is unavailable, you must wait for a new wave of character submissions.
  • When character submissions are open, this link will be available! Living Erenel Player Sign Up

Join as a Dungeon Master

To join as a Dungeon Master, you will need to fill out an application on the Gamingbrew Discord, which will be available later this year. Dungeon Masters are interviewed by Brews and taught how to run Living Erenel adventures.   Knowledge of Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition is strongly preferred. Because of the Dungeon Master’s importance, applications must be approved by the moderator team. We take great pride in the experience offered in Living Erenel!   As a Dungeon Master, you may also have a Player Character in Living Erenel if you choose. Your player character will not be involved in any games you run. You do not need to be a Twitch or Patreon supporter to become a Living Erenel Dungeon Master.  

In Game Rewards

Also, when a dungeon master runs an adventure that rewards experience in Living Erenel, their player character earns one seasonal currency with a maximum of two seasonal currencies per week. If a dungeon master runs a week long event, their player character earns three seasonal marks and is awarded one adventure experience.


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Join Us

Join a new D&D5e/MMO experience in the Erenel Fictional Universe!   Stay up to date with Living Erenel's development by joining our Discord.  

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Player Options

Homebrew options to further customize your Living Erenel character. Some options are available only for Gamingbrew Patrons.  

Living Erenel Character Creation

Use the article below to create your character and check up on Living Erenel rules.  
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