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Welcome to Living Erenel, a large-scale community TTRPG, created by Gamingbrew for multiple Dungeon Masters and Players to enjoy an evolving world together. This heavily modified D&D5E/MMO experience is inspired by west march campaigns, various TTRPG shows, multiple MMOs, and RPGs.   Living Erenel is structured over a weekly basis, where players can engage in an extensive range of character building. In a week of Living Erenel, you could join a group of adventures and tackle a job posting. Spend downtime crafting items, harvesting materials, or selling goods to other players in the marketplace. Participate in text and voice role play, including 24/7 open role play and Dungeon Master guided events, and so much more!

Why Living Erenel?

  • Be part of an amazing TTRPG community in an everchanging world.
  • Created by a dungeon master with 20+ years of experience.
  • Designed with multiple ways to feel a sense of meaningful progression.
  • Join adventures when your schedule allows it. A busy week? Roleplay and downtime is available even if you can't make a scheduled session.
  • Encounter major world events that must be faced as a community!

Three Pillars

Articles are under construction in preparation for Living Erenel Rebooted.
Living Erenel focuses on three major pillars; adventuring, downtime, and roleplay. The following articles explain how they work!
  • Living Erenel: Adventuring
  • Living Erenel: Downtime
  • Living Erenel: Roleplaying
  • Joining Living Erenel

    To play in Living Erenel, you can join as a Player Character or as a Dungeon Master. The amount of characters active in the world at one time is determined by the current amount of Dungeon Master scheduling adventures.

    Join as a Player Character

    Before you submit an application to join, please note the following.
  • To play in Living Erenel, you must sign up at the Adventurer's Tier, or higher, on Gamingbrew's Patreon while character submissions are open. The $7 Adventurer's Tier unlocks Living Erenel access, plus all previous tier benefits, including 300+ 5E PDFs, weekly 5E Drops, World Anvil access and more.
  • Your player slot is locked in unless you choose to leave, are removed for disciplinary reasons, or do not maintain a Patreon subscription.
  • Living Erenel uses Foundry VTT to run all adventure sessions with access provided to players at no cost.
  • Review all Gamingbrew Discord rules and the Player Behavior and Disciplinary Actions found in this article.
  • You may only play one Player Character at a time. If you want to play a new character, your new character must either die or retire. A retired character is no longer under your control.
  • Player Sign Up: OPEN

    Living Erenel Player Sign Up

    Become a Dungeon Master

    Check out the article below for more information on joining Living Erenel as a Dungeon Master!  
    Living Erenel Dungeon Masters
    Generic article | Aug 31, 2021


    Download 300+ PDFS in the Vault! Content Vault

    Play Games With Us!

    Join a large scale community TTRPG experience in the Erenel Fictional Universe!  

    Living Erenel FAQ

    Living Erenel FAQ
    Generic article | Sep 19, 2021

    Living Erenel Character Creation

    Use the article below to create your character and check up on Living Erenel rules.  
    Living Erenel Character Creation
    Generic article | Sep 23, 2021

    Player Behavior and Disciplinary Actions

    The etiquette below outlines our expectations of everyone in the community. Violations of these rules will result in Moderator action. Brews reserves the right to remove any user, at any time, for any reason.  
  • Be excellent to each other. We are all here to have fun. Lift those around you, and don’t be a dick.
  • No offensive material. No hate speech or pornographic content of any kind will be permitted. Also, please avoid topics such as real-life politics. We are here to escape the outside world.
  • Harassment is not tolerated. If someone makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please DM a moderator immediately.
  • No self promotion. If you wish to advertise any products or services, please contact an admin for permission. Show off your worldbuilding, writing, art and live streams in Community Gallery category. To post your Live Stream link, you’ll need a Twitch Heroes role or higher!
  • No Spam. Text walling and spamming do not contribute to the community.

  • We are a fair and open community, but there may be situations not covered by the rules or times when a rule may not fit the situation. If this happens, rule-breaking will be looked at on a case by case basis. Moderators are trusted to handle the situation appropriately.

    Adventuring Behaviors

  • Cheating, lying to a Dungeon Master, arguing with a ruling, or promoting an unhealthy atmosphere will result in disciplinary action.
  • A player who no shows a game and doesn’t provide a warning of at least 30 minutes before the session will receive a warning. If another no show occurs following a warning, the player will be removed from Living Erenel.
  • Players have a 10-minute late window before the Dungeon Master will begin the session or attempt to replace the player. If you’re running late, let the Dungeon Master know.
  • If you die on an adventure, players in the adventure may attempt to resurrect you. If the resurrection is unsuccessful, don’t worry, death comes for us all. You’ll create a new character.
  • During an Adventure, if you break the Behavior Rules outlined in Discord, you will be subject to disciplinary action. This applies to all Players and Dungeon Masters.

  • Erenel Dungeon Masters do their best to include everyone who wants to adventure. Still, unfortunately, not everyone will be able to adventure each week. We will do our best to include as many players as possible. A ratio of Dungeon Masters to Players is taken into account before admitting new players into the Living World

    Prohibited Roleplay Conduct

    The roleplaying actions below are prohibited and are considered a bannable offense. While the subject matter exists outside of the game, we're here to have a great time.  
  • Sexual Harassment. You will not sexually harass or assault another character, regardless of the other character's consent. Romance, marriage, and less egregious actions are permitted, but being overly erotic will result in moderator action.
  • Suicide. You cannot commit or threaten suicide. Self-sacrifice in-game to save the party does not qualify as suicide.
  • Torture. You cannot graphically torture another npc or player character physically or mentally.

  • If you ever feel uncomfortable by another player's roleplaying, speak to a moderator immediately.

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