Living Erenel Character Creation

Only approved 5E books and Gamingbrew Homebrew can be used in Living Erenel! A list of approved books can be found in House Rules
  If you need help with anything outlined below in the Character Creation process, don’t hesitate to reach out by posting in the #living-erenel-help Discord channel.   Don't forget to reach out to Living Erenel Sherpas in Discord! Sherpas are veteran Living Erenel players willing to assist new players joining the Living World. Sherpa’s guide new players and answer questions on FoundryVTT, Downtime, Adventures, and other aspects of the game on a more personal level.   Fill in your character sheet as standard in 5E with the following changes.


All characters begin at 2nd level. You start with your standard class equipment. As the player base levels together, this starting level will increase.  


Only Erenel Races may be used in Living Erenel. These Erenel races will list ability score increases, languages known, and possibly tool proficiency. These races are designed for standard 5E, but this is Living Erenel!   The following changes occur when choosing a race.
  • Any ability score increases listed are not used.
  • Any languages listed are not used.
  • Any tool proficiencies listed are not used.
  When choosing your Heritage, you'll add in ability score increases, languages and tools.  

Stat Array

All players use the Standard Array and may freely choose where to place each score. (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) As you progress in the Living World, powerful boons will become available to improve your stats!  


In an open Resources area, you'll track Renown! Players begin with 0 Renown.


Instead of backgrounds, Living Erenel uses a Heritage system. In the Background area, list your chosen Heritage.

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You cannot play a character that is underage for that race.  


We strongly encourage you to create a backstory for Roleplay. As discussed in Living Erenel: Roleplaying, Backstories in Living Erenel are not canon. However, opportunities exist to leave your mark on the world.   Backstory information that you want the Playerbase to be aware of should be included on your Foundry character sheet under the Biography tab. This includes character descriptions and personality traits.   All Living Erenel players can view individual character's backstories by clicking on the respective character's sheet in Foundry!  

Character Art

For token creation, upload your Living Erenel Character’s art in the #character-art Discord channel. Art is pulled from this channel by moderators to create your token art in Foundry. As your Renown increases in Living Erenel, your token border changes!   You should not upload character art into Foundry itself!   To help with finding art, ONLY art uploads are allowed in the #character-art channel. Any other messages are deleted by Moderators.  

Class Changes

Certain classes and subclasses from offical sources have been modified to fit into Living Erenel. To verify your class or subclass has not changed, use the House Rules article below.


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Player Options

Gamingbrew options to further customize your Living Erenel character. Some options are available only for Gamingbrew Patrons.  

Erenel Languages
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House Rules and Class Changes

House Rules
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