Living Erenel Character Creation

If you need help with anything outlined below in the Character Creation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Living Erenel Moderator by posting in the #living-erenel-help Discord channel. Another way for help is by reaching out to Living Erenel Sherpas in Discord.   Sherpas are veteran Living Erenel and TTRPG players who are willing to assist new players joining the Living World. Sherpa’s guide new players and answer questions on FoundryVTT, Downtime, Adventures, and other aspects of the game on a more personal level.
  After filling out a player sign up sheet being approved for Living Erenel, you’ll be provided with a FoundryVTT password to log into the Living Erenel Core. Here in the Core, players can access their Character Sheet and see the tokens of other Living Erenel players in the Bard Princes Fortune Tavern. The Core is on a private server and available 24/7 (unless Forge is down for maintenance).   You’ll want to choose the following during character creation. FoundryVTT reminder: when adding levels, equipment, spells, and SRD class abilities, you can drag and drop from the FoundryVTT compendium in the top right corner of FoundryVTT.  
Only approved 5E books and Gamingbrew Homebrew can be used in Living Erenel! A list of approved books can be found in Campaign House Rules.
  Fill in your character sheet as standard in 5E with the following changes.
  Class. All characters begin at level 5 with 13 adventure experience. You start with your standard class equipment.   Race. Only Erenel Races may be used in Living Erenel.   Stat Array. All players use the Standard Array and may freely choose where to place each score. (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) As you progress in the Living World, powerful boons will become available to improve your stats!   Renown. In an open Resources area, you'll track Renown! Players begin with 0 Renown. For more information check out the Living Erenel: Factions article.   Backgrounds. Instead of backgrounds, Living Erenel uses a Faction system. You're character will gain the starting equipment and benefits of your Faction or the Lone Wolf. In the Background area, list either your current faction or Lone Wolf. For more information on factions, check out the Living Erenel: Factions.   Age. You cannot play a character that is underage for that race.   Backstory. We strongly encourage you to create a backstory for Roleplay. Feel free to use Erenel backgrounds as a way to help build your backstory. As discussed in Living Erenel: Roleplaying, Backstories in Living Erenel are not canon. However, Personal Quests are available for players during each Season. Erenel Dungeon Masters WILL be looking at your backstory when building these Personal Quests!   Character Tokens. For token creation, send the art you would like to use to Brews on Discord. I’ll create a token and upload it to your character sheet.


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Player Options

Gamingbrew options to further customize your Living Erenel character. Some options are available only for Gamingbrew Patrons.  

House Rules

The following rules are used across Living Erenel by all dungeon masters.
  • Changing weapons readily accessible is a bonus action.
  • You can speak during combat and they can respond on their turn but the full conversation has to happen in 6 seconds.
  • The Instant Death rule is not used in Living Erenel. You cannot be killed instantly by massive damage.
  • Living Erenel requires spells with a gold cost to be deducted but does not require actual component shopping.
  • When rolling for health on a level up, you may roll or take the average. If you roll a one you can reroll once.

Attunement Slots

Players begin Living Erenel with 1 attunement slot. As the player progresses in level, or by a Stone of Enlightenment, a player can unlock more attunement slots. The player is awarded an additional attunement slot at level 6 and level 12.   Players may unlock a total of 4 attunement slots on a character. (3 from player level and 1 from a Stone of Enlightenment).   Attuning to magical weapons has additional effects based on the Attunement Type and will be discussed in an upcoming article.
  Example. Potent Attunment: This magical item requires 2 attunement slots.  

Death Rule

When you gain consciousness or stabilize after being dropped to 0 hit points, gain 1 level of exhaustion for being in a near death state. This effect stacks. If you have 0 hit points, receiving temporary hit points doesn't restore you to consciousness or stabilize you. Finishing a long rest reduces a creature's exhaustion level by 1.  

Items in Combat

Potions, poisons or scrolls not in a Satchel or held with an open hand are considered to be stored safely in a backpack. Finding an item in a bag requires 4 consecutive Use an Object actions by a player during a combat encounter. Only one player can search a bag at a time.  

Protect Action

When you take the Protection Action, you focus on protecting a creature within 5 feet of you. Until the start of your next turn, all attack rolls made against the target are instead redirected to you with advantage. Protection ends early if you are ever more than 5 feet away from the target. A target can only be protected by one creature at a time.  


All resurrection spells use Star Metal Dust instead of the previous components to cast the spell. This is an intentional change and adds a higher cost to provide resurrection. This rule covers the following spells:
  • Revivify. Star Metal Dust worth 500 GP
  • Raise Dead. Star Metal Dust worth 2,500 GP
  • Reincarnate. Star Metal Dust worth 2,500 GP
  • Resurrection. Star Metal Dust worth 10,000 GP
  • True Resurrection. Star Metal Dust worth 30,000 GP


Satchel is an Erenel 5E item allowing for quick access to a limited number of consumables. All Player Characters are given a 1-slot satchel upon character creation with their background and have the option to purchase larger satchels during their adventurers.  

Class Changes

General Class Resurrection Rule

If a class or subclass includes a feature that states, "the caster does not need material components to cast the spell on you." It has been changed to "the caster spends only half the needed cost to cast the spell on you, rounded down."  


When infusing a mundane item with the Infuse Item Feature, the item must stay infused until the following Weekly Update. The infusion can be dropped, but a new infusion cannot be cast by the Artificer until Downtime Days reset.   The Artificer class can bypass needing a Stone of Enlightenment to unlock all 4 attunement slots. Thanks to the Magical Item Adept Feature, an Artificer unlocks an additional attunement slot at 10th level.   The Magical Item Savant Feature has changed to the following. You ignore all class, race, and spell requirements on attuning to or using a magical item. You can attune to a Potent Attunement item by using only one attunement slot.   The Magic Item Master Feature has changed to the following. When crafting or progressing a Magic Item, the Artificer does not need access to a private Faction Forge, Bonded Forge, Forge of 'Ol Firebeard, or the Titanforge Anvil. This allows Artificers to craft powerful items out of season, or if a Forge is taken by another Faction or NPC group.  


College of Creation. Items created with the Performance of Creation cannot be sold with Downtime.  


Forge Domain. Channel Divinity: Artisan’s Blessing changed to the following. When crafting or progressing a Magic Item, the Forge Cleric does not need access to Forge of Ol’ Firebeard.  


You can wild shape into any beast from the Approved 5E Books that your current druid level allows. This allows you to wild shape as beasts you have not seen if you wish.   Equipment that merges with a Wild Shape form has no effect until you leave the form. This includes all magical items.  


Living Erenel allows the Dedicated Weapon feature. Also, the following weapons are considered monk weapons. This list will change over time.
  • Boarding Axe (Crimson Shores Equipment)
  • Chakram (Ulkadian Equipment)
  • Clawed Gauntlet (Equipment Expanded)
  • Francisca Axe (Northlands Equipment)
  • Kopis (Ulkadian Equipment)
  • Seax (Northlands Equipment)
  • Sword Cane (Equipment Expanded)


Living Erenel recognizes the Revised Ranger as it's Ranger Class of choice.  


Phantom. Life essence absorbed by a Revenants killing blow prevents the collection of a Token of the Departed. If more than one class or subclass feature attempts to collect a soul, the next player in initiative order collects the soul.   Thief. If a magic item requires an action to activate, that action isn’t a function of the Use an Object action. Rogue’s Fast Hands cannot be used in this way.  


Pact of the Blade. You can assign one exotic weapon with your class feature. After gaining proficiency in this way, you cannot do so again.  


Witches can copy spells into their spellbook from other spellbooks and scrolls out of adventure and without downtime. When copying spells in this way and to track gold, you must list the spells, gold cost and who or what provided the spell in the Discord #p2p-transactions channel.  


Wizards can copy spells into their spellbook from other spellbooks and scrolls out of adventure and without downtime. When copying spells in this way and to track gold, you must list the spells, gold cost and who or what provided the spell in the Discord #p2p-transactions channel.   Bladesinging. You can choose one exotic weapon with your Training in War and Song feature.   Order of the Scribes. Master Scrivener’s gold and time cost changed to the following. You gain expertise with Calligrapher’s Supplies for crafting scrolls with downtime.   School of Soul Collectors. Life essence absorbed by a Revenants killing blow prevents Soul Collector. If more than one class or subclass feature attempts to collect a soul, the next player in initiative order collects the soul.  

Feat Changes

Heavy Armor Master

Additional: Now prevents all Bleed damage from nonmagical weapons.  

Medium Armor Master

Additional: Now prevents all Bleed damage from nonmagical weapons.  

Weapon Master

Changed Effect: You gain proficiency with two exotic weapons, four martial weapons of your choice and all simple weapons.

Item Changes

Attribute Increasing Potions

All potions that increase ability scores, such as Potions of Giant Strength, are removed from Living Erenel.  

Item Cost

Many items have had their base cost changed. The full list is available here  

Oil of Slipperiness

Freedom of Movement duration changed to 1 hour.  

Philter of Love

The Philter of Love has been changed to the following. “After drinking this philter, you must make a DC13 Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by that creature for 1 hour.” A Dungeon Master must be made aware of its potential use beforehand.  

Potion of Mind Control

Potion of Mind Control is removed from Living Erenel (Tales from the Yawning Portal)

Spell Changes

General Spell Damage Rule

When casting a spell that deals damage and requires concentration to maintain, the player rerolls the damage die each time the spell deals damage. These spells include but are not limited too; Moonbeam, Spirit Guardians, Wall of Fire, etc.  


Players may only have one awakened creature or plant at a time when using the Awaken spell.  


The Goodberry spell now requires concentration.  

Magic Missile

When rolling damage for the Magic Missile spell, roll dice for each missile separately.  

Game Play Etiquette

  • D&D is a team sport. If your character doesn't want to be part of a team, roll one who does.
  • Cheating, lying to a Dungeon Master, arguing with a ruling, or promoting an unhealthy atmosphere will result in disciplinary action. Brews reserves the right to remove any user, at any time, for any reason.
  • You will not have plot armor. Do stupid things and you may die! Retreat is always an option.
  • Know your character and let others play theirs.
  • If you don't make a decision or your turn takes too long, you take the Dodge action and we continue.


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