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Welcome to the Living Erenel Adventuring article. In this article, we'll breakdown the first major pillar of Living Erenel's D&D/MMO experience, ADVENTURING!
Adventuring in Living Erenel mirrors a typical TTRPG session, consisting of an average gameplay session of 3-hours per week. All adventures in Living Erenel are played in Foundry VTT and ran by an Erenel Dungeon Master. Dungeon Masters submit games they would like to run, which are approved by an Adventure Moderator for Living Erenel players and showcased at the Weekly Update live stream!   Adventures are categorized by Adventure Ranks and Adventure Types. Each week during the Weekly Update, Player will be able to view available adventures for the week, the adventure's details, and sign up in the Gamingbrew Discord. Adventure sign ups begin Thursday during the Weekly Update with adventures filled on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up early!   You may make a submission for as many games as you wish to attempt to play in; however, you may only participate in one session per week. If an Adventure runs for multiple sessions, only one session is completed that week. For example, a 2 part adventure, means you will be in that adventure for the next two weeks (one 3-hour session per week).   If you did not participate in a session the week before, you will be given priority by the Adventure Moderator for the current week. If you retire a character or die while scheduled for a mission, you forfeit your place that week. Our goal as Erenel Dungeon Masters is to provide adventures each week covering all Tiers of Play and to include as many players as possible, while providing a great game experience.

Adventure Ranks

Adventure ranks are broken up by a player level range. Your character can only participate in an adventure if they fall within the level range. The level range below may be adjusted for adventures depending upon the playerbases level spread.
  • Rank 1 (Character level 1-4)
  • Rank 2 (Character level 5-8)
  • Rank 3 (Character level 9-12)
  • Rank 4 (Character level 13-16)
  • Rank 5 (Character level 17-19)
  • Rank 6 (Character level 20)
  • Adventure Types

    Adventures come in various types with each providing a unique experience.

    Standard Adventure

    Standard adventures follow Adventure Ranks. These adventures don't require player agency outside of signing up or arranging a group party to sign up together if desired.


    Chronicles are story arcs that focus on the Erenel Fictional Universe narrative. These storylines vary in character level, session length, and could involve as many as 10-20 players at a given time. Chronicles involve major NPCs, world-changing events, and are run by Brews on the Gamingbrew Twitch.

    Great Hunt

    Great beasts roam Erenel. These difficult "world bosses" require a large group of players and an intelligent strategy to overcome. All level ranges may join the Great Hunt but are at the mercy of the beast. Death is defining!

    Archway Raids

    This challenging endgame content’s design is for murder hobos and power gamers! It resembles raiding in Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft and Destiny. Archway Raiding takes place in an Erenel Archway. This means there are no permanent deaths as you are expected to die while learning the mechanics of individual fights. TPKs result in being expelled from the Archway Raid and the Archway closing for the group that week. It is expected a group will kill only a single boss the first time they enter.   An Archway Raid can last the entire Living Erenel Season and is created at the beginning of the season, taking into account the highest-level players at that time. Bosses in the Archway Raid do not change over the season and retain a set health and challenge rating. As players grow stronger over a season and learn individual mechanics, the encounters will become easier to complete.   Players will have no prior knowledge of encounters going into an Archway Raid. They must work together as a community to discover how to deal with each encounter. Why enter an Archway Raid? One seasonal currency is awarded per raid boss kill. The final boss offers a unique reward, available only during that season.   Archway Raid Lock. Players can only participate in one Archway Raid every other week. This is to allow multiple groups to take turns progressing in the raid!  

    Personal Quests

    Activating a Personal Quest grants a tailored adventure for the player, allowing them to make aspects of their backstory canon. (All player backstories are NOT canon at character creation.) Most Personal Quests will require an adventuring party to complete. It is up to the player to put together the party they wish to accompany them on the adventure. Personal Quests award experience upon completion and Adventure Locks everyone involved.   When starting a Personal Quest, choose a specific goal to advance that pertains to your backstory or player goal. After filling out the Personal Quest form in the Gamingbrew Discord, a dungeon master will accept and help you organize the specifics.   Personal Quests are unlocked for Players and/or Guilds by spending a set amount of Seasonal Currency. Additionally, only a set amount of Personal Quests will be run on a first-come, first-serve basis during a given season. The Personal Quest deadline is 3-weeks before the end of a season to allow time for all Personal Quests to be completed before the start of a new season.

    World Event

    Each month, World Events will be available, matching the month's theme. World events can range from The Great Games, Archways, Vacuous Ones threats, political invasions, and more!

    Player Versus Player

    PvP is allowed in Living Erenel, but because of its significance certain rules are put in place.   PvP does not require consent by both parties. To initiate PvP, a player will approach a Living Erenel DM who is not implicated in the PvP. This DM will schedule and run the encounter after taking into account the presented situation.   PvP is unable to be performed during adventures. This means you cannot go on an Adventure with the hopes of killing another player. If the fight takes place in city grounds or in a hostile area, additional circumstances may arise as deemed fit by the DM.   Unless both parties decide to make the PvP non-lethal, players can die in PvP with all PvP kills announced in Discord. Attacking players will result in other players and factions knowing you did so and may lead to additional consequences by the player base. As discussed in the Living Erenel: Factions article, going to war with other Factions will result in far less weekly downtime days.

    PvP Conduct

    • Fighting with a Dungeon Master over a ruling is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from the Living World. (same rule as in adventures)
    • If a moderator feels you are attacking a player in game due to out of game conflicts, PvP will not be allowed.
    • If a player involved in PvP has their schedule become "difficult" in an attempt to avoid PvP, a moderator can consider the player retired from cowardice.


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    Living Erenel

    Living Erenel
    Generic article | Apr 1, 2021

    D&D/MMO Experience for the Gamingbrew Community

    Character Advancement

    Character Level Experience
    1st 0
    2nd 1
    3rd 3
    4th 6
    5th 10
    6th 15
    7th 21
    8th 28
    9th 36
    10th 45
    11th 55
    12th 66
    13th 78
    14th 91
    15th 105
    16th 120
    17th 136
    18th 153
    19th 171
    20th 190

    Adventure Rewards

    At the end of an adventure session, you will gain a personal monetary reward for completing the adventure. To receive the end of session reward, you must be present for the entirety of the session. Rewards are broken down by Adventure Rank per session below.

    Adventure Rank Monetary Reward
    Rank 1 100 GP
    Rank 2 225 GP
    Rank 3 350 GP
    Rank 4 500 GP
    Rank 5 TBD
    Rank 6 TBD

    Extended Length Adventures

    Standard adventures can run up to 6 hours total in length with the estimated length listed on the sign-up sheet. When participating in an extended length adventure, adventure gold gains are increased by the following amount.
    • 4 hours (x 1.25)
    • 5 hours (x 1.5)
    • 6 hours (x 1.75)
    Standard adventures that are arbitrarily long because players are slow to act will not grant extra gold. Living Erenel Dungeon Masters aim to provide a minimum of 2 standard adventures to 1 extended length adventure to respect the time of all players.

    Character Experience

    Living Erenel uses a modified D&D5e milestone leveling system for all player characters. As your character overcomes adventuring challenges, you'll gain experience from this system, allowing you to advance your character level. See this article's sidebar for a character advancement table.   The amount of experience awarded is one per session, unless otherwise noted in the session details. All experience is awarded only after an adventure is completed. If the adventure fails, all participating players earn zero experience.   In specific Living Erenel adventures, experience may not be a reward for completing a session. Instead, Faction Renown or other milestone rewards will take its place. Occasionally, Brews or an Adventure moderator may choose to award experience to players not participating in an adventure but who have participated heavily in the other major pillars of Living Erenel.

    Adventure Downtime Cost

    Running an adventure for adventure experience costs 1/2 (rounded up) of the week's allotted downtime days. Downtime days players purchase with a seasonal currency, and the Lone Wolf downtime day benefit are not affected as they are not allotted with the Weekly Update.   Players may only run one adventure per week for adventure experience.   Example: The Weekly Update provides 5 downtime days. Running an adventure costs 3 downtime days.   For more information on downtime, check out Living Erenel: Downtime

    Mercenary Work

    A player can run one additional adventure each week as a Mercenary if adventure spots are available. When running as a Mercenary, you receive no experience, gold or items from the adventure. The player does receive Seasonal Currency and Faction Fame, making "Mercing" a great way to earn seasonal rewards if your schedule allows it! Mercenary spots are first-come, first-serve, with players who have not yet run an adventure always receiving priority.


    When signing up for one adventure in a week, a player can choose to forgo collecting any adventure experience or gold. The player instead only receives Seasonal Currency and Faction Fame as if they had run the adventure as a mercenary. This allows players to run one adventure that week if they wish and not lose downtime days at the cost of adventure rewards.

    Dying/Retiring a Character

    If your character dies or you choose to retire your character in favor of creating another, your previous character advancement carries over. Your new character will begin with Character Experience equal to 4/5 of your previous character’s experience rounded up.

    Example: If you had 10 experience and died, your next character would begin with 8 experience.

    Adventuring Behaviors

    • Cheating, lying to a Dungeon Master, arguing with a ruling, or promoting an unhealthy atmosphere will result in disciplinary action. Brews reserves the right to remove any user, at any time, for any reason.
    • A player who no shows a game and doesn’t provide a warning of at least 30 minutes before the session will receive a warning. If another no show occurs following a warning, the player will be removed from Living Erenel.
    • Players have a 10-minute late window before the Dungeon Master will begin the session or attempt to replace the player. If you’re running late, let the Dungeon Master know to avoid replacement.
    • If you die on an adventure, players in the adventure or your faction may attempt to resurrect you. If the resurrection is unsuccessful, don’t worry, death comes for us all. You’ll create a new character.
    • During an Adventure, if you break the Behavior Rules outlined in Discord, you will be subject to disciplinary action. This applies to all Players and Dungeon Masters.
    • Erenel Dungeon Masters do their best to include everyone who wants to adventure. Still, unfortunately, not everyone will be able to adventure each week. We will do our best to include as many players as possible. A ratio of Dungeon Masters to Players is taken into account before admitting new players into the Living World

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