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Material Characteristics

Galbet is a metallic material that, in its refined form, has a plain, shiny iron-blue color.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Just like other metals, Galbet is easy to shape. It's also a good heat and electricity conductor.   In comparison to iron, however, Galbet has a much higher fusion temperature and in many cases it's impractical to work with in in large scale.   For magic users, the thing may be different. It was proved that Galbet is much easier to control than Iron, and some wizards use it as its primary element. The Galbetists, a wizard clan, are know for the extensive use of Galbet and quick shift of its shape.


Galbet is good for making weapons, when it's possible to work with it.   Sometimes it's also used to reinforce certain structures, and some automaton makers like to use them in some parts of their works.

Geology & Geography

Galbet can be found all over Talung and in the mountains of Melung. The area where most Galbet seems to be is Kas Tradil boundaries, and it was responsible in part for the city growth.   Another place with great Galbet spots is Fergrun, specially the eastern provinces.

Origin & Source

Galbet ore is many times called Galbetite.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The most common use for Galbet is the manufacturing of weapons. Since it's a bit hard to work with it, it's more common for the weapons of high-ranked people, be it in army or politics.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Galbetist Clan gets its name from their use of Galbet. Most of times, they shape the metal with magic, creating weapons and other tools almost instantly.


Since the Galbetite ore is the form Galbet appears in nature, it's necessary to smelt it to get the metal.   The process is similar to iron smelting, being the higher temperature the biggest difference.

Reusability & Recycling

Galbet is reusable if the melting temperature is reached.
Common State
Solid, in Galbetite form

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