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Murkling Mucus

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Material Characteristics

Transparant slime-like material. It's sticky and hard to remove from any contaminated surface.

Physical & Chemical Properties

This mucus is not soluble in water. It contains flesh digesting enzymes.

Origin & Source

This mucus is excreted by murklings covering their claws.

Life & Expiration

With the passage of time, the mucus spoils as all of the enzymes in it react with bacteria, and the paralitic agent breaks down. The slime loses its unified structure and turns into a liquid with floating clums of the slime.

When spoiled, it's no longer hazardous but also no longer valuable.

The mucus deteriorates slower in cold environments and can be stored almost indefinitely while frozen.

History & Usage


Specific herbal extracts can dissolve the mucus in water. By mixing the extract with the mucus in the correct proportions, water with a dissolved paralytic agent can be separated. After being separated, it can be reduced into a white powder.


Causes murkling paralization, when enters the blood stream.

The paralytic agent in the mucus is short-lasting. It also reacts to open flesh binding with it. The enzymes in the mucus start breaking down the flesh, and as the mucus reacts, it releases the paralytic agent into the bloodstream. The mucus cannot be easily washed away, which is why it acts as a potent paralytic agent. That's why the paralytic agent continues going into the body for as long as the mucus stays there, prolonging the effect.


It can be dissolved by a herbal extract, so the wound can be cleaned. An alternative is to gauge the wound, removing flesh with the poisanous gel.

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