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Nuralore the Dream Walker

Goddess of Dreams, Nuralore was a Moon Elf of the Age of Wonder whose psionic abilities in the dream scape reached far beyond that of any other psionicist. Traversing the planes themselves in her dreamscape she touched the divine, even unto their thoughts. Chonarkarah in one of her rare interactions with the mortal realm offered Nuralore ascension which Nuralore accepted. Saddened to not reside in the brilliance of Autumn, Nuralore however had gone too far and seen too much to simply return to her people. Nuralore is revered among most non elven psionics, and held as a warning to Moon Elves who push too far into the void. When she takes a material form she appears as an almost ethereal moon elf, and when dreams move mortals to action it is often attributed to her.  

Divine Classes

Cleric-The most common followers of Nuralores small faith, Dream Clerics help tend to the sleeping world. Focused upon healing the cuts not seen on the outside so that the mind may heal. They are most prominent upon Ioban with several small sects within Velthanor.  

Oracle-Some who have ventured too far into the land of dreams can be touched by Nuralore and take on the aspect of an Oracle. These oracles favor the Mysteries of Lunar, Dark Tapestry and Time

Divine Domains

Nuralore resides within a great chamber of the Citadel at Vaes Kadara, here her form can be seen sleeping on a great alter. Her domain is the dreams of those within the realm of Vaes Kadara, an every changing mindscape. It is often attributed that her dreams cause much of the change within Vaes Kadara itself.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

3 concentric stars overlaying one an other most often displayed on a pendant

Tenets of Faith

Deific Obedience -Dance in a random pattern beneath the light of the stars, trusting in the guidance of destiny. If no stars are currently visible, softly sing or chant all of the names of stars that you know as you perform your dance. Let your mind expand and turn your thoughts away from where your feet might land, allowing your steps to fall where chance wills. When the dance feels complete, cease dancing. Ponder the steps you took and the position in which you stopped, and consider what portents these subtle clues might hold for the future. Gain a +1 luck bonus on initiative checks

  • Slumberer: sleep 3/day, silence 2/day, or deep slumber 1/day

  • See through Dreams:Nuralore's blessing allows you to see through half-real and fantastical images. You gain a +1 luck bonus on saving throws made against illusion spells and effects and against dream-based magic (such as nightmare). This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum +6).

  • Blast of Motes: Whenever you channel positive energy to heal living creatures, a shower of starry motes cascades over all of the living creatures in the area of effect. These motes do not impede vision or stealth attempts, nor do they reveal invisible creatures, but they infuse the targets with divine luck. Targets of this ability reduce any miss chance they face by 10%. In addition, when targets of this ability roll damage dice, they may treat all 1s as 2s. The motes and their effects last for 1 round + 1 round for every 4 Hit Dice you have (maximum 6 rounds). If you don’t have the ability to channel positive energy, you gain the ability to do so once per day as a cleric of a level equal to your Hit Dice (maximum 20), but only to heal living creatures. Whenever you use this ability, the beneficiaries are showered with starry motes, with the effects described above.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral   Domains: Dream, Knowledge(Memory, Thought)   Spheres: Fate, Illusion, Mind, Telekenisis, Mana, Life   Favored Weapon: None

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