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Clan Caerulean

Clan Caerulean controls the central steppes and hills of Ioban, choosing to remain nearly surrounded by Metallic clans for the sheer joy of the conflict it brings. The clan has had routine incidents with all of their metallic neighbors, carefully laid ambushes for caravans, accidental missteps into foreign territory resulting in skirmishes, and open challenges to any who happened to venture wing over their territory. This combative and clandestine behavior has made them many enemies, a clear sign of the clans valiant and worthy nature.


Caerulean holds a strong fuedal structure, each dragon of the Clan holding domains and castles, their vassals in direct fealty and serfdom to work the land fight when called. This has often caused disputes as half dragons became more prominent, claiming direct lineage to their dragon ancestors to have superior claims upon vassal owned territories. These disputes have often been handled with trials of combat.


Caerulean has a strict social hierarchry that is difficult to move between. Familial bonds and ancestry are considered of great importance. Each vassal is also fiercely loyal to their direct draconic lord, making them often unruly to deal with when other lords have need to conscript or command them.

Public Agenda

Caerulean spent the early parts of the quieting embroiled in heated conflict as heirs of slumbering Kindred battled it out to see whom would control various fiefs of the realm. The conclusion of these battles then resulted in a larger civil war over which of these Barons would become the monarch in absence of their Dragon Lord. This has made the clan overall weaker for its efforts, and many whisper that the present King of Caerulean was so enthroned with support from Vermillion and they are little more than a puppet.


The most valuable asset of Caerulean lands are the native herds of Hippogriffs that call the steppes and foothills home. These creatures have long been tamed and raised among the vassals of the clan creating an elite mobile cavalry force.


Caerulean staked their claim early in the settling of Ioban, finding the long stretches of great blue skies and warm temperatures to their liking. They pushed against their neighbors early on, securing strong lasting borders, and even taking some territories from weaker developing regions. When the Dragon Wars came, Caerulean was eager to engage with their neighbors in combat. Finding plenty of fight at home, they have rarely ventured out beyond Ioban in the larger global conflicts.

Demography and Population

Caerulean Sky found Snow Elves(35%) and Orcs(40%) to be the most appealing of mortal servants. They however also found the quick wit and cunning of Halflings(10%) to be of keen interest to them, and their good nature in tending the lands. Half Dragons(15%) make up the remaining population of the Clan.

Agriculture & Industry

Caeruleans primary industry comes from the plains of their region in farming and herding. While they have strong infrastructure for the crafting and making of fine goods, they must import or raid for most of these resources as their hills produce little ore and they have little woodlands.


Basic road ways connect the varied castles and fiefs of their domains. A network of aviaries however are dotted across the landscape ensuring hippogriff riders can swiftly move across the land.

Soaring Beyond Rivals

Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Mixed economy
Feat and Skill Trait
  • Hippogriff Cavaliers: Trained to ride the many Hippogriffs bread within the planes of clan Caerulean, at level 4 Vassals of the clan who meet all the prerequisites gain the Monstrous Mount feat for free.
  Offensive Trait
  • Cavalry Trained: Members of the Clan are well skilled while mounted and as such may make a second attack at -5 despite the distance their mount has moved.

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