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Session 01 - Weaving Threads

General Summary

In the city of Tourelle in the Central Provinces of Valderia, a seemingly chance meeting between four eclectic souls threatens to bring to light a perilous mystery just beneath the surface of this bright fairytale kingdom. With the spectres of their pasts - and possibly the authorities - hot on their heels, will they band together to survive?

Character(s) interacted with

Malgias Prythain   Archmagus Tysora Kelrath   Burge   Yeth Hound   Thrall of the Court



We opened on Session 1 with Alzo and Osborn facing each other in the room at the Singing Spider Inn. The two debated terms on Osborn hiring Alzo to protect him, before hearing the loud knocking at the tavern's front door of the Queensguard, inspecting all public establishments for a fugitive. Osborn began to panic, whilst Alzo overheard the guards arguing with the adventurers from the Striking Gull guild, who insisted they had hired out the inn and did not wish to be disturbed. Alzo convinced Osborn to escape through the window into the garbage-cluttered alleyway behind the tavern, using a washing line to drop onto an abandoned cart in the alleyway. When Osborn tried to follow, however, he bungled the grab and swung from the line against the wall of the opposing side, getting the attention of the house's resident but managing to bluff his way into being mistaken for a drunk.

As the two made their way through the back alleyways, Osborn had an unfortunate encounter with a thrown bucket of nightsoil from one of the higher windows, which Alzo deftly avoided, before the two came upon a larger street parade. There they caught a glimpse of a strange mechanical walker piloted by a tiny gnome accompanying Lady Shalara Boulva toward the Arcane district. Osborn attempted to get Lady Shalara's attention discreetly, but failed and stumbled into a House Caravielle guard - who, fortunately for Osborn, did not recognise him due to his scruffy appearance and the offensive smell of the nightsoil. Osborn retreated to the alley, but when Alzo realised that the parade was passing near the Arcane Enclave and therefore near his mission objective, he persuaded Osborn to follow the trail to the district - before ditching the half-elf at the entrance to the Rare Chant Alehouse and seeking his way to the Tower of Beltharius.

At the Rare Chant, a rather surreal pub populated entirely by students of the magical colleges and staffed by Unseen Servants and homunculi, Alston and the disguised Dealan-De met with the bartender, the perpetually distracted Burge. Osborn dragged Dealan-De aside, still sure she was Lady Shalara, and pleaded for her help, spilling the beans on his family situation, before her spell began wearing off and he realised he wasn't talking to the real Shalara at all.

Meanwhile at the bar, Alston met the arrogant but brilliant wizard historian, Malgias Prythain and was pressed about House Caravielle and their involvement with the strange mask the South Wind Trade Company had brought in.

Alzo used the necklace he stole from the halfling wizard to enter the Tower of Beltharius unhindered, but was mistaken for a student and found himself, after a series of interactions and misdirections with the faculty, face to face with the Highmistress of the Conclave herself, as she studied the mysterious Mask. Learning that the Mask was supposedly an artifact of the First Folk, the ancestor race of all sentient humanoids on Eramon, Alzo realised that the heavily magically protected containment chamber the Mask was being kept in would be extremely difficult to break into, and played along with the Highmistress's suggestion that he return outside and spy on House Caravielle to learn what they might know of the Mask's origin that the Conclave does not...

To that end, Alzo soon found his way to the Rare Chant Alehouse, where, for the first time, the four met. After introductions were made and conversations exchanged, the group - Alston, Alzo, Osborn and Dealan-De - realised that they would need to get their hands on this mystery mask to truly learn what shady intentions House Caravielle had for it. They called over Malgias, who offered them a deal; he would aid with whatever information he had about the Mask if they procured it and allowed him to study it....

After Malgias' departure, the party made plans to smuggle the wanted Osborn out of the city in a crate, and Alzo and Dealan-De departed to the Upset Clam to steal one from Alzo's former compatriots as dusk set. When they left, Osborn and Alston received a mysterious letter delivered by a two-tailed cat, warning them that after dusk they would be hunted and should not travel aboveground but instead take a secret route from the Rare Chant's cellar out of the city as soon as possible...

Their companions, outside, retrieved the crate but were alerted to being followed by something sinister. Despite their best efforts to shake the pursuers, they discovered that there were both creepy individuals on the ground following them and something doglike up on the rooftops of the city. Finding themselves in a small square with fountain, Dealan-de was able to create a distraction with a Fog Cloud spell, allowing them to shake off the humanoid pursuers, if not the mysterious roof-runner.

Alston and Osborn meanwhile descended into an ancient aqueduct below the Rare Chant dating back to the days of the Glorium Hominia, and in following the two-tailed cat they discovered a large natural cavern where part of the aqueduct archways had collapsed. When Osborn put his foot over the edge to test for any invisible ledges, something grabbed his ankle and yanked him over the edge....

Dealan-De and Alzo found themselves running into a cul-de-sac, and there confronted by a hideous, hound-like creature which dropped down behind them and drew its frighteningly humanlike face into a grin....

Report Date
07 Nov 2019
Primary Location

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