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Rare Chant Alehouse

You find your way inside this humble, single-storey stone walled building to the sight of a wide, sprawling hexagonal chamber with a lowered central floor surrounded by several long tables angled to the walls of the room, patronised by huddled figures in robes of various kinds, deep in academic conversation with their peers, sometimes rising to heated debate, or simply slouched amid piles of arcane books and scrolls, studying whilst they pick at plates of baked bear with nutmeg and poached eggs or take slow sips of Rare Chant's patented house ale. The bar is off to one side where a single portly barkeeper is apparently managing this entire enterprise.   Candles drift about the room above the patrons' heads like glowing dandelion puffs, floating gracefully into place whenever a table is claimed and snuffing themselves out or drifting to a new patron when one is vacated. Similarly, meals and drinks seem to be floating themselves to the tables of the patronage - you see no wait staff whatsoever, only small, winged creatures only visible out of the corner of your eye zipping hither and thither in the rafters.
  An inn and tavern in the Arcane Enclave district of Tourelle , near the Tower of Beltharius.   The inn is a single storey stone-walled building, with finely-crafted tables and chairs. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. This seemingly bland interior hides several strange secrets, however. The innkeeper is a thrifty male human named Burge. He knows a few simple spells for housekeeping including Mage Hand and Unseen Servant, which he uses to great efficiency when managing his many magically-gifted patrons and their needs.   The Rare Chant is frequented primarily by visiting mages and by the students of the Tower and Enclave. Small but arresting displays of magic such as floating mugs, squabbling familiars and self-writing scrolls are commonplace here, as are the ringing shouts of voices raised in heated theoretical debate. The Rare Chant is rarely quiet - if there's one thing mages know how to do, beyond their studies, it's drinking.

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