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Trimour, the Neckless of Tears


A neckless forged out of the purest silver, it is adorned by a series of crystals, so black that they seem to absorb light itself. Its elegant craftsmanship is immaculate. Few, if any other pieces are equal to it. So excellent is the artistry that many who have beheld it are awestruck, believing it to be the work of Cináed, the Forge Lord himself.  


The truth about the neckless origin reaches back to the creation of the world. As Taika learned of Eraine and how her family had kept her from being involved in its creation, she broke down in tears. As her tears fell onto Eraine, they solidified into pitch-black crystals. Solid manifestations of Taikas essence.   Scattered across the world, they eventually fester. Corrupting the area around them.    Travelling the world collecting materials for his craft, Cináed encountered several of the crystals. Recognizing them for what they are, he decided to collect them. Using them to fashion a beautiful neckless as a gift in an attempt to mend their relation which was still poor from the creation of Eraine.    While the gesture moved her, Taika was unable to forgive them, discarding the neckless, for it to later be found by one of her worshippers.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Throughout the ages, scholars have tried to determine what it can be used for, as all the other Divine Relics have been shown to have some form attribute from their corresponding Divine Ruler. However, none have managed to get any true insight into it. For any time someone thinks they have solved it, it almost seems to alter itself.   The current theory is that it can in some way aid in spell casting.


As one of the 13 Divine Relics, it carries a religious value beyond compare to the followers of Taika, the Mystic. Any worshiper who would acquire the neckless is generally considered blessed by other worshipers.     Though it is also seen as an ordeal to overcome. Religious teaching says that Taika's essence flows through the crystals, seeping corruption into anyone who wears it. Those of weak will and spirit will slowly turn more selfish and amoral as it seeps into them.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Related Technologies
As with all Divine Relics, it is unique.
Base Price

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