The Templar of the Just

The Templars of the Just were founded by a council of paladins and priests. Their names were Bovrit the Ageless, Felcoth the Lifebringer, Northon of Hellbound, Dorna the Righteous, Zelenya the Soulkeeper, Bylenia of Hellforge, and Gorath the Merciful. They formed it 50000 orliakcR xeirdncjeR (ear-lice-are zer-veck-zer) to provide order in a land of chaos. The templar's prayer to the divine is "To find Order in the Chaoses of the land, to protect the weak and sick, to bring light to the dark, these are my vows. May my wrath strike true and my heart be pure." The followers of Holar almost allways yell out "For Holar!" before attacking a demon.


Grand Abbot/Abbotess- The head of the Atriarch of the Templar, and the entire Templar of the Just. Abbot/Abbotess- The head of a local Templar facility. Clergy-Any member of the Templar.

Public Agenda

Provide protection and healing where needed and manages vast public libraries with-in their archs.

Religious, Organised Religion


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