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Project Lead: Recon
Co-author: DuvetofReason
Artist: BernardDK

Equinox is a series of high fantasy / science fiction novels and short stories that has been in development since 2016.

The original story of the series, Black Feather, began as an action/adventure alternate universe fanfiction of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in September of 2014. The project grew and evolved several times over a period of two years until the story’s universe was merged with another fanfic, in joint collaboration with another author, to create one continuous expanded story.

Things progressed casually as the authors developed the setting, timeline, characters, and plot. Then, in mid-2019, we became disillusioned with the direction MLP:FIM had gone in its later seasons. We decided to remove all MLP assets from our stories, creating Equinox as an entirely original and greatly expanded tale. This decision also made the saga legally independent from any external intellectual properties, placing us in full control over its content.

The series draws inspiration from numerous sources, including but not limited to: Greek Mythology, Fullmetal Alchemist, Babylon 5, Lord of the Rings, Dune, Mass Effect, and Chronicles of Narnia. Additionally, its creation story has similarities to Christianity’s metaphysical model. While there are no humans in this saga, the cast does consist entirely of mythological creatures, many of which were inspired by MLP:FIM.

The driving plot of the series revolves around an interstellar conflict between two races of immortals bent on oppressing the various mortal races, and the struggle by the protagonists to deliver their people into freedom over the course of thirty thousand years. Major themes include: family, perseverance, true heroism, and unity.

Equinox is notable for its length, detailed imaginary worlds, well-developed thaumatic (magic) system, and large cast of characters. Each of the novels and short stories ties together as key elements of the larger overarching saga. The publishing plan will present the stories out of sequence chronologically, but in a way that maximizes the mystery and drama for the reader.
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Where to begin? We have a narrated history of everything, starting with The Realspace Project