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Yuvari is the northwest region of Rota, containing large forests.


The area is flat and rainy with trees. The river of Makai runs through Yuvari to the ocean.

Flora & Fauna

Deciduous flora of Yuvari include Housetrees, which naturally grow into dwellings, and Bridgetrees, which naturally connect to each other with bridge-like branches. Housetrees grow sweet yellow citrus-like fruits, and Bridgetrees grow elongated green bitter fruits. Coniferous flora exist in Yuvari but are rarer, including the Varika. The most common species to live in Yuvari are faeries and papillon.

Natural Resources

Housetrees provide living arrangements. Wood from all kinds of trees is usable. Fruit from Housetrees and Bridgetrees are eaten. The water in Makai is potable.
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