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Rota is the large island continent on which the people of Ephemera live. They have developed Rota into a cohesive society with differing elements within it. The geography of Rota is diverse, with crystalline mountains, stardust deserts, and overgrown forests in different areas of it.


Rota brims with plant life, though some places are devoid of it, filled with stardust or rocks instead. It is surrounded by a sky-like ocean.

Flora & Fauna

Rotan flora consists of high trees with broad trunks. Some of them are Housetrees, and naturally grow into lodging. Others are Bridgetrees, and grow bridges that link them together. Some flowers in Rota grow twice as high as Earth sunflowers and are called Skyflowers.   All Rotan animals are sapient. They eat the leaves and fruits of Rotan plants. Rotan animals include humans, demons, fairies, elemental beings, and anthropomorphic versions of Earth fauna.

Natural Resources

Rota's natural resources from plants are leaves, fruits, and wood. Various ores and minerals are found in Rotan mountains, other rock formations, and below the surface.
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