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When game show hostess Vanna White ascended to her true form, Vanna Ultima, she decided to create a world exactly as she wanted it. This world was to be inhabited by anthropomorphic versions of all her favorite animals, ethereal faeries, mystical elementals, and bright-horned demons. Created from astral yarn, the world became known as Ephemera.   As the yarn solidified into a world, it formed beautiful natural features. Sky-high iridescent flowers, oceans of clouds and stars, rocky rainbow arches, forests with natural tree dwellings and bridges, and crystalline mountains all became fixtures of Ephemera. Vanna then released her variegated people into the world, placing them so anyone could contact anyone, and waited for them to form a society.   The creatures of Ephemera were created with knowledge of logic and their own names, so they formed one society on their singular continent of Rota. Some divisions based on geographical features existed, but no one went against different types of people. Over the years, the people developed a language known as Ephemeral, but Vanna recorded the events of Ephemera in Earth languages for the people of Earth to know about.   After millions of years, which felt like nothing to Vanna, the world of Ephemera finally developed game shows. With the first big-money quizzer of this world, Win The Dakas!, came a widespread game-show culture. The people of Ephemera realized that Vanna Ultima brought them into existence and Vanna gave them shows from Earth, like Wheel of Fortune.