In the year 568 after the Empire of Anselm

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Eora has been discontinued, but elements of it are being further developed in the world of Albion!
Thanks for reading and the support, this world will stay up as a source of inspiration for anyone who wants it.
    Eora is a world of time and life, of music and peace, and of war and strife. It has survived the arrogance of the Elves, the draining of its magic, and the constant threat of other-worldly beings hailing from the void. By the will of the gods alone does this precious jewel at the heart of the universe survive. But despite the dangers, there is opportunity to be had too: Adventurers and grave robbers, knights and rogues; all travel Eora's dense forests, scorched deserts and damp caverns in search of lost treasure. Eora's history is long, and many things of note have been lost throughout the ages. Whether its Elven weapons, ancient artifacts or the simple allure of gold, all of it can be found in the deep and forgotten places of its landscape.   In the universe of Eora the gods are real, tangible forces that control the fates of all. Those that turn a blind eye to the gods only heap harm upon themselves, as the ancient Elves learned for themselves before being stripped of their immortality. Magic is another source of power, though gods and magic often walk hand in hand. During the days of the Malediction, winds and storms of magic as large as continents battered the world before they were siphoned away by the Five Pillars. These pillars guarantee that the use of magic will never again be left unchecked and keep the balance in the realms. Though many a lich has tried to rein these into their control, ultimately their safeguards have not failed yet.   Since the awakening of man and the creation of other, more power hungry species, politics and strife have played a critical role between the realms. On Albion, the continent of man, war and political games are commonplace.  
Dotard! We are but playthings for the gods. Our prayers feed them, our worship sates them, and in return we are promised our demise will be postponed. So it was, and so it shall be, until the end of all things. Eora stands on a knife's edge, so think twice before desecrating another altar of hers.
Muldefix the Elder, scolding his apprentice who had used an altar of Luna as a fireball target.