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Daughters of the First Flame

Founded shortly after the banishment of the so-called Dragon Kings in 1QE, the Daughters of the First Flame is an alliance of five old and powerful gemstone dragons, each having a different role, or facet, in the organization. The Daughters as a whole seek above all else to rid dragonkind of its subterranean curse, but its schemes and plots extend well-beyond that aim.  

Facet of the Temporal Ordering

Draconic Name Humanoid Alias Gemstone Type
Ethuriaxx Galathir, the Painted Gaze Sapphire
  Appearing as a snow-pale androgynous elf with sapphire eyes, the Painted Gaze leads the Daughters of the First Flame. Being the eldest of the five by far, their wisdom is just enough to quell any petty infighting and focus the group on tasks relevant to their shared goal of flying the skies of Enos once more. The Facet of Temporal Ordering holds dominion over time, and is the only known sapphire dragon to exist. Their personal goals are cryptic at best and otherwise unknowable.  

Facet of the Real

Draconic Name Humanoid Alias Gemstone Type
Ambolyiandracil Tethryen Gahmorrah, the Lady in Black Ruby
  Appearing as a blind human female veiled in black funerary wear, the Lady in Black runs the clandestine operations of the Daughters of the First Flame. Concerned almost exclusively with protecting reality from the dangers of encroaching illusion-made-real, she is the most cloistered of all the Daughters. The Facet of the Real holds dominion over illusion and its manifestations, and is the eldest of the Ruby dragons. Her personal goals are kept close to the chest.  

Facet of the Possible

Draconic Name Humanoid Alias Gemstone Type
Nihilindrung Reciviat, the Voidspeaker Amethyst
  Appearing as a female tiefling with starlight skin and amethyst eyes, the Voidspeaker leads the Daughters of the First Flame in their activities on planes outside of Enos. She focuses mainly on pushing the boundaries of that which is known to its breaking point, and is easily the most-likely among the Daughters to endanger those under her charge. The Facet of the Possible holds dominion over those threads at the edge of knowledge, kept among glittering twilight, ever out of reach. Her personal goals seem sinister, and may well be so, but power awaits those who serve her.  

Facet of the Sea

Draconic Name Humanoid Alias Gemstone Type
Uthrandraent Karvat'ei A'tonet, the Will of the Depths Emerald
  Appearing as a chitinous-skinned, tall triton male with lime-green hair and eyes of emerald hue, the Will of the Depths leads the Daughters of the First flame on all seafaring matters, both above and below the waves, along with those matters concerning ancient and lost things well-below sea level. He concerns himself with the interplay of the tides and that which lies below, along with the flow of magic in and around his domain. The Facet of the Sea holds dominion over the oceans, rivers, lakes, and water, and all that which transpires there. His goals are forthright, and while he cares the least of the Daughters about curing the curse of dragonkind, he believes the solution may lay below the riptides, carried away by the erosion of all things.  

Facet of the Story

Draconic Name Humanoid Alias Gemstone Type
Paliothatreg Professor Emeritus Dante Schriever, the Everseeking Topaz
  Appearing as an ashen-grey, shorter male dhampir with glittering, golden eyes, the Everseeking leads the Daughters of the First Flame in little, if anything. He concerns himself mostly with his own pet projects and discoveries, and speaks little with the others. The Facet of the Story is the most interested in cause and effect, and his research into causality has led him down many paths over his lifespan, easily the shortest of the Daughters. His goals are personal, and related primarily to spellwork, runework, and the histories of Enos.