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Inktober VII: Enchanted

The ledoba is a horned quadruped which is rarely found to have the ability to communicate with others outside its species. Approximately one in every twenty to thirty births of ledoba have innate telepathy, though this is only mastered by the time they are a year old. Due to the species' relatively low birthing rate and telepathic individuals' high market value, this means that people who breed them are often making a very large gamble.  


Ledoba are characterized by their short, stubby bodies and network of horns. Several Sancturians have referred to them as "old-world capybaras" by body type, though they are unsure of where the cranial features originated from. Their hides are often dark brown to tawny, though some individuals have been found with a spotted coat. Though they are small they are incredibly dense creatures, with an average height of 16 inches and length of 34 inches but weighing a hefty 120 lbs.  

Social Uses and Domestication

It is unknown how the ledoba has obtained telepathy or why it is only a rarity in the species, though this trait has been captivating to those in the pet, arcane, and entertainment industries. Telepathic ledoba can be found in several pet shops in places like New Aquaine, Muithe, and Minadisa, as well as several traveling shows and circuses. Because of their high worth, they also have a notable appearance in black and blood markets for those who are too unlucky to find one in the wild but will pay a high price.  

In the Wild

Wild telepathic ledoba are known to be either a lost traveler's best friend or worst nightmare. A well-meaning ledoba may use its abilities to navigate a person back towards the main road or a fruit tree, while a more self-motivated one would suggest a passage through the woods that ultimately ends in a trap. Though the likelihood of either of these events was mostly a flip of the coin in older times, the increased poaching and theft of ledoba are seemingly creating a resentment among remaining wild creatures who have heard of these stories.

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