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1st of Icebreak, 1490

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The moment the first crack of the Cataclysm appeared, Fao was no more. It was now simply Endhaven. Though it changed everything in its wake, the Cataclysm was mysteriously unable to affect the citizens of Sanctuary hidden away in their new mountain home, though few could tell if this was a blessing or a curse.   Centuries passed, and Endhaven moved on without Sanctuary just as Sanctuary moved on without it. But after a recent series of rockslides opens up a new portal to the outside, the Council of Nine decides that it may be time to leave their past behind them.   Forced into hiding from the warped landscape of Endhaven for the last 400 years, the citizens of Sanctuary are finally able to exit their known home of darkness and step into the uncertain light of a new dawn.