Empyllea (A Dark Sun setting fan-fiction advancement)

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Most notably holding a particularly active section of one of its continents known to the inhabitants as Athas, Empyllea was a world, indeed a planetary system, without gods. For an inconceivably-long period of time, it languished, slowly consuming the last of its own life energies with only a single star system to generate the energies that a living universe once provided. The remnants of its elemental planes allowed for a form of worship of raw elements, but the true deities of the new universe weren't even aware of the small reality pocket's existence.   That has changed. Immarasbu, the Third Avatar of the Second Iteration of Ohm, forcibly dragged the tiny remaining bubble of a previous universe into alignment and inclusion with the current Prime Material Plane.   The energies provided by a living universe have flooded across Empyllea, rendering the previous methods of arcane use drawing directly from living beings obsolete. Creatures of nearly every race across the planet are able to freely manifest greater and greater magical abilities. The sorcerer-kings of old who survived the transition have completed their transformation into true dragons, and now rule as dragon-kings.   Gods now see Empyllea. Priests of dozens of new religions find themselves bemusedly proselytizing to an uncertain populace, with the ruling powers still considering what this development means for their status quo.   Athas, Empyllea, and her sister planetoids are now part of a wider universe. How it will interact with other civilizations and true deities, how it changes to handle a suddenly-empowered populace, is yet to be seen in full.

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