WorldEmber 2021 Compilation Article

Below, you will find all of the articles (or compilation articles) I have written and submitted for the WorldEmber2021 competition! This is just a hub for people to browse from. I've organized them from favorite to least favorite, but I love them all!  
Yophas, the Eternal Design
Geographic Location | Jul 10, 2022
The Iron Order
Organization | Feb 3, 2022
Scarred Dragons
Species | Jul 25, 2022
The Twin Gods' Wrath
Spell | Dec 22, 2021
Xotin, the Firestarter
Character | Dec 24, 2021
In order for this article to show up I need to hit a certain number of words so here we go I'm typing words and making sounds yep my keyboard is doin' the clicky-clacks and words are appearing on the screen so that this article will appear on my world's homepage because I want it to be featured but I need to hit a certain number of words.


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