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The Wyrms Titanica

During the Reshaping, Yamma and Lythaelos discovered a broken planet floating in the infinity of Xeccamund. Within, they discovered Heliestheos, a titanic dragon of ancient, unbelievable power: the strength to remake reality, like the gods themselves. Though they tried to parley with her, Heliestheos refused to bargain with Yamma or Lythaelos; however, she had clutches of dragon eggs from before the Obsidian War. If they could get the eggs from her, they could reintroduce dragons to the burgeoning Emaxus.   She was defeated and imprisoned, and two dragons hatched: one gold, the other red. They were the first dragons, and Lythaelos granted them a shard of their divinity, making them the first greatwyrms. Thus it was that dragons were reborn, and the wyrms titanica created.
When dragons were first reborn in Yophas during the Reshaping, they had to struggle to recuperate from the claws of extinction. To aid them in this, Lythaelos, the Sapphire Dragon-God of Fate, granted the two dragons -- a gold and a red -- a shard of divinity. Thus, they became the first greatwyrms.   Since the dawn of Yophas, the greatwyrms served as the pillars of draconic society; like a small pantheon of demigods themselves, the Council of Greatwyrms guided the growth and change of dragons, keeping their unbelievably powerful species in line but not sedated.  

Shards of Divinity

As the different types of dragons began to reemerge (chromatic, metallic, and gem, and all their constituent breeds), Lythaelos granted them shards of their own divinity. They believed that, in the grand skein of fate, the shards would achieve more in the hands of the dragons than in Lythaelos' own body.   Thus, each breed of dragon has a single shard of Lythaelos' divinity as their own. This shard is held by the oldest member of each breed, making them the greatwyrm of their breed. They keep the shard until they die (willingly or otherwise). This is why, no matter how old a specific breed gets on average, there is always only one true greatwyrm per subspecies of dragon. There may be multiple ancient, incredibly powerful red dragons, but only one holds the Shard of True Flame, making them the true Red Greatwyrm. Every Shard makes the holder stronger as a greatwyrm, but also grants them a specific boon based on their breed. Thus, each Shard has a specific name.

The Shards of Divinity

Each Shard and its associated breed is listed below.
The Shards of the chromatic greatwyrms serve to amplify their elemental power greatly.
  • Shard of True Flame, red greatwyrm. Currently held by Vyllath, the Core-Burner.
  • Shard of Great Ice, white greatwyrm. Currently held by Zerudyss, the Iceborne Wind.
  • Shard of Pestilence, black greatwyrm. Currently held by Isodemos, the Blackheart.
  • Shard of White Lightning, blue greatwyrm. Currently held by Orythroneus, the Tempest-Lord.
  • Shard of Nature's Wrath, green greatwyrm. Currently held by Xantippe, the Warden of the Woods.
The Shards of the gem greatwyrms serve to enhance their cosmic sphere to unimaginable heights.
  • Shard of Gravity, amethyst greatwyrm. Currently held by Bayrrun, Plane-Watcher.
  • Shard of All-Seeing, emerald greatwyrm. Currently held by Eileithya, All-Seer.
  • Shard of Fate, sapphire greatwyrm. Currently held by Aegon, the Fate-Spinner.
  • Shard of Chaos, topaz greatwyrm. Currently held by Threspotus, the Secluded One.
  • Shard of Light, crystal greatwyrm. Currently held by Eurykrates, World-Friend.
The Shards of the metallic greatwyrms transform their bearers into the icon of their breed.
  • Shard of Yacrena, gold greatwyrm. Currently held by Alkimachos, Sun-Blessed.
  • Shard of Platinum, silver greatwyrm. Currently held by Iolanthe, the Platinum Shield.
  • Shard of the Sea, bronze greatwyrm. Currently held by Yrdare, Voiceless War.
  • Shard of Titanium, copper greatwyrm. Currently held by Hissylan, the Eternal.
  • Shard of Sand, brass greatwyrm. Currently held by Cytheris, the Implacable.

Council of Greatwyrms

When Lythaelos first created the Greatwyrms, the Dragon of Fate also created the Council of Greatwyrms. Every greatwyrm would be a member of it for their entire existence as a greatwyrm, and the Council would serve a plethora of functions: first, it would keep the greatwyrms in check. Greatwyrms are demigods that aren't beholden to the gods in any official sense. Thus, the Council serves to keep each individual greatwyrm in check; act out of line, up to fourteen of your peers come bearing down upon you.   Secondly, it keeps the line of succession in each brood functioning. Say the copper greatwyrm died and the Shard of Titanium went to a tyrannical new dragon. The Council steps in to get them in line and prevent them from using their new greatwyrm status for ill-intent, either by killing them and having the Shard go to the next copper dragon, or by forcing them to "get with the program."   This system doesn't mean all dragons or even all greatwyrms are upstanding citizens of Yophas. Especially in the wake of the Reckoning, dragons are still fallible creatures. They lust, envy, and desire. Though legends now, Yophas' history has been marred by a handful of greatwyrms acting in self-interest to disastrous effect; and hundreds of less-notable incidents dot the shadows of that same timeline.

Slumbering Titans

Despite their power, most greatwyrms spend centuries at a time simply sleeping or observing the multiverse from their lairs. They know that the multiverse responds to their actions, so they pick and choose when to move. Besides, the Council was devastated after Lythaelos marshalled them for the Reckoning, so the greatwyrms are loathe to act too hastily nowadays. As such, they have faded largely into legend or myth, even as smaller dragons become bedtime stories, local terrors, or regional threats.   However, with Heliestheos rising, the Council rouses as well. And when these demigod-dragons rise for battle, the multiverse shall quake.
Scientific Name
Wyrm Titanica


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