Floating Cities

During the Age of Rebirth, mortal civilizations reached unbelievable heights of arcane and technological supremacy. Near the peaks of these mountains of mortal advancement was one of the most legendary achievements of all: floating cities. Requiring unbelievably advanced engines that consumed magic and extensive systems of etherial transference webs, these floating cities were truly marvelous -- even in their own times.  

Known (and Unknown) Floating Cities

  • Zanizer, the Broken City. Once the floating throne of Riktor, the Sorcerer-King, Zanizer has a dark place in Emaxian history now. Though it was thought destroyed in the Reckoning, it had actually been teleported to some hidden location across Yophas. In the fourth century AT, it and its ruler returned as dark pillars of necromancy, bringing ruin to Aitreas and introducing necroficy to Emaxus -- an arcane art that would serve as the foundation of modern-day artificy.
  • Rhedrise, the City of Gold. Rhedrise is only mentioned in fragments of pre-Reckoning ledgers and trade accounts that have been recovered. It is believed to have been a trade juggernaut that once belonged to a Drumian kingdom or empire.
  • Parthenath, the Ioturan Crown. Details of Parthenath are scarce, but it is believed to have once been the throne of Agormith. Where it is now and what happened to it is unknown.
  • Issoire, the Godless Bastion. Issoire has only been mentioned once, where it was denoted as "Issoire, the Godless Bastion and the Predator of the Skies" in a book of war from the Age of Rebirth. It is unknown what exactly it was like or where it was from, but it was obviously a militaristic city.
Access & Availability
It is unknown how many floating cities there actually were, but terrestrial civilizations did still dot the surface of Emaxus; whether or not that limits how many floating cities there were is unknown.
The technology required to lift cities into the sky is akin to science fiction since the Reckoning. Whatever complex engines and cores needed to raise them off the ground has been completely lost, but it is believed that the amounts of magical energy needed might not even be possible anymore, on account of the damage the lunar-arcane suffered during the Reckoning.
Sadly, as with the knowledge required to lift cities into the sky, much of the history behind them has been lost as well. Who first raised a city into the sky and how they got there is a complete mystery.

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