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Elven Mage Academy Keladia

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    Six elemental mages. One elven princess. A magical bond they can neither allow nor resist.   For twenty-one years I have hidden away in our castle, guarding a secret. A secret that could incite a war. A secret that could change the fate of our world. A secret that could destroy everything I hold dear.   Joining Elven Mage Academy is meant to be my chance to step out of my brother's shadow and prove to my father that I am queen material. All I have to do is stay under the radar and ace my classes until I graduate and become Queen. My future is already planned out. It is meant to be easy.   All is going to plan until my bonding ceremony where everything blows up in my face.   Now I have six men who arouse forbidden feelings in me and threats from a mysterious source. Somebody has figured out my secret and it puts everyone I care about in danger.   Can I identify the threat before it is too late? Or will I bring death and destruction to everything I cherish?