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Welcome to Elturia - The Known World

The World is Young, and its Gods Fickle

In this high fantasy setting, the known world was conquered by the Wolf Queen. Still carrying giant's blood in her veins, Queen Elturandis towered over most. Now her daughter, Queen Elturandis II rules and seeks to earn the title of Wolf Queen. Her mother united these lands under one banner, and conscripted a handful of trusted cartographers to map her kingdom. Now, Queen Elturandis II seeks to add her own contribution through finding any arcane practitioners to understand the nature of the wild magic in this land. Her attentions are split however due to rebellion, upstart Jarls, giant incursions, and all manner of threats to the realm. She sends crier's & parcels throughout the land calling for capable individuals to explore the reaches of her lands, discover the secrets of magic, and protect her realm from threats seen & unseen.

Your Character

The Gods themselves walk this land and seek followers that can spread their gifts. Civilization has carved a place for itself in Elturia and it needs warriors to defend it. Nature is fierce, though its spirits are worried it calls its protectors to stave of the encroachment. Much like the world, magic itself is wild and untamed. The stuff of creation still lingers in the essence of this realm. Will you follow one of these paths, or will you carve your own?

The first characters of this setting are the first in a long line of remarkable individuals with likely humble beginnings. Elturia is the region where the first great empire is born. You have the chance to shape this land as you see fit.

All races and classes found within the 5e SRD has a place in this setting. However, Humans, Goliaths, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Goblinkind, and Orcs are the prominent races of this region. Additionally, both Tieflings and Aasimar can be born from any race and are often referred to as "Ir-Touched" or "Chosen."


The Year is 137 AF AF - After Founding of the Hearth City: Aldhon

Understanding the Implications

Since there has been no grand empire yet, the vast production of magical items has not occurred. That means most minor magical items will have to be crafted by the players or they must find someone who has started to experiment with enchanting. These enchantments being new, strange effects may occur.   Greater magical items can be found by currying favor with the deities and having them bestow a blessing on your weapon or perhaps they lend you an avatar of their own weapon. The few magical items found in the world are very few, very powerful, and in locations steeped in mystery & myth.   Since the gods still walk this plane their machinations can be seen often by mortals. For example, the most common and notable being, a blazing chariot pursued by a silver arrow crosses the sky, taking the sun with it when it should still be day. This occurs when Arrast is frustrated with her self-righteous brother Solmithra.    This also means that the gods can die... it is nearly impossible but there are ways since it is not an avatar that walks this plane. Also with enough worship and following, anyone and anything already living can become divine.


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