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Illuvium is a very light-weight yet very hard and durable metal. Surprisingly, it is not brittle, so it is perfect for making weapons, armor, or pretty much anything. It is only found on the continent Berechan, and therefore is not widely used in Eltcarem. In fact, very few people from Eltcarem even know about illuvium. A few ancient Dragonborn tools and weapons made of illuvium still exist in Eltcarem, but they are extremely rare and usually kept by kings as ancient artifacts of immense power.


Material Characteristics

Illuvium is a very pale gold color that shines brightly in sunlight.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Illuvium is exceptionally hard and durable given its light weight. It is both lighter and stronger than titanium. Illuvium is not known to rust or corrode, and it requires extremely high temperatures to forge. Some say that illuvium can only be shaped in dragon fires, but regular fire works just as well if it is hot enough. This folklore probably comes from the fact that illuvium is only found in Berechan, the original homeland of the dragons.

Geology & Geography

Illuvium is mined from the mountains of Berechan. It is a fairly uncommon metal in most parts of the continent, but some mines have turned out large enough quantities of it that iron and steel are not used in those areas. The occasional traveler to Berechan will bring illuvite ore back to Eltcarem, but no one has found it anywhere in Eltcarem naturally.

Origin & Source

The ore that is used to make illuvium is called illuvite.

History & Usage


There people of Eltcarem who know of illuvium know that it arrived to the continent with the arrival of the dragonborn in the early First Era. It was used to make many of the weapons used by dragonborn in the many wars waged by the dragons for supremacy over the other races. A few pieces of illuvium armor have also turned up from time to time, and always on the sites of ancient battles involving dragonborn. It is unknown if the dragonborn brought any illuvium tools with them, and they did they were likely smelted down to make weapons and armor later.

In Berechan, illuvium is common enough that most weapons and armor are made of the material, though occasionally smiths will forge weapons or armor out of iron or steel if they do not have ready access to enough illuvium.


It is tough to say who first discovered illuvium since it has been in use in Berechan since the Mythic Age. It is possible that dragons first discovered the metal, but it is just as likely that humans, dragonborn, or another race from Berechan first discovered it.

Everyday use

Illuvium is mostly used to make weapons and armor in Berechan, but in some areas where it is more common it replaces iron, steel, and other metals as the go to metal to make most everyday items. Precious metals like gold and silver are preferred for jewelry and currency. Illuvium is only used for weapons and armor in Eltcarem because that is how it is found.

Cultural Significance and Usage

A handful of weapons and pieces of armor made of illuvium can be found scattered throughout Ankezidar as that is about as far as dragonborn armies got. In modern times, these artifacts are usually kept by kings as symbols of power or ceremony. Because of the metal's durability, these weapons are armors are still just as sharp and hard as when they first came to Eltcarem in the First Era. Some of these artifacts are still uncovered every once in a while at ancient battlefield excavations or by dungeon-delving adventurers.


Illuvite ore must be smelted and refined to make illuvium.


Trade & Market

In Berechan, illuvite ore is sold by mine owners to smelters who refine it into illuvium, which is then typically sold to smiths for forging. Items forged from Illuvium are usually luxury items in Berechan, except in some areas where the ore is plentiful. In Eltcarem, however, the lack of illuvium makes items forged from illuvium quite rare and exotic. Very wealthy merchants will occasionally travel to Berechan to bring illuvium back to sell in Eltcarem, but it is still a very exotic metal. When this does happen, a noble will often buy the metal and give to a smith to make a special commissioned piece.

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