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Kurdi-Katsi is a highwayman and bandit known to live in Tsrachwho uses blinding lights and fires to disable and distract people while he steals from them. Kurdi-Katsi is well known in Anwer, Endref, and Daendar, though tales of how he has stolen from different trade caravans have spread farther and farther north.   While no one has ever confirmed Kurdi-Kasti's identity with any level of certainty, the few people who have seen him claim that he is a male elf of light complexion and slight build. Others claim that these sightings cannot possibly by Kurdi-Katsi, because no such person would willingly live in Tsrach and because the other resident of Tsrach would surely make quick work of such an unimposing figure. While some have assumed that Kurdi-Katsi is a slave working for an unknown person or group in Tsrach, usually evidenced by how much he steals in a short period of time, others think that he steals to trade with the Tsrachian locals and thus maintain his carved-out existence.   What is known, generally, is that Kurdi-Katsi wears a dark cloak that is lined on the inside with some kind of reflective surface. Using fire and magic, Kurdi-Katsi is able to create blinding displays which incapacitate or mask his activities. Those who have managed to loose magic in his direction, or fire projectiles, have found that they seem to pass through him without effect and that their items go missing all the same.    Kurdi-Katsi has no specific ambush spot, and instead has been known to strike up and down the Scar, the pitted and dangerous road which runs from Endref through Tsrach to Anwer. A couple of expeditions paid for by the Merchant Counts in Endref have sought to find where Kurdi-Katsi lives, but they have never found any evidence of where he could live and even capturing and torturing Tsrachian locals has yielded no information.


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