The Borealys is the name of the courthouse which is home to the Kentasorte, the tri-nation court which adjudicates whether a criminal should be condemned to the Bandit Lands.    The Borealys was constructed at the end of the Great Borean War as a major factor of Hession's Peace. The building was originally a small fort that was hastily built out of a large barn and an old homestead, and the fort was extended to include a nearby mill when the Kentasorte was established there. As such, the Borealys still maintains the windmill blades of the incorporated mill, though the blades are unattached to any such mill and the sheeting has been replaced with banners representing Phesunlay, Brist, and Varenval as well as the symbol of the Kentasorte. Small extensions have been added to the fort over time, and so the outside now resembles a wide low building in an otherwise rolling hillside just outside of Lower Preschwall. The old barn and the homestead are still somewhat apparent when inside the Borealys, and several of the court chambers have nicknames associated with the buildings or materials they were originally constructed out of.   On any given day, the Borealys can either be a whirl of activity or a complete ghost town. When the Kentasorte is in session, the jail beneath the Borealys (dug into a hillside originally and then extended down) can hold up to 50 prisoners. The cells are small and cramped, initially intended to only hold (and restrain) the worst of war criminals. Since the original construction, larger cells have been added, but these rarely see use. The much more commonly used areas include the Sty, one of the largest courtrooms, and the Old Kitchen, a bunkhouse for guards.    The Borealys includes private chambers for the Kents (judges), as well as a general bunkhouse for witnesses and prisoner families. There are other designated rooms as well, including kitchens, private offices, other courtrooms, a bathhouse, an infirmary, a small general store, and the Peace Room. The Peace Room is a large room built into the bottom of the old mill which houses documents, books, tapestries, and statues depicting the end of the Great Borean War and the signing of Hession's Peace. Despite being called the Peace Room, the depictions of battle and death are as numerous as the calm pictures of the signing and the aftermath.


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