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Ellium The Realm of Ellium

Era 663rd of the 77th Optio'Cor

Created by

Ellium is but one small corner of the whole continent of their world, though the inhabitants of it do not dare venture past the southern and eastern mountain ranges. Magic or rather 'The Breath', is the energy that runs through and ties everything in Ellium and beyond together. The best users, Seers and their Overseer, are a part of the Order of the Clari Oculi, who use their ties to 'The Breath' to see into the energy plane and help others with visions of the future. The second best, Spirit hands, can manipulate the world around them by drawing on the energy. As Ellium is just recovering from millennia of war and conflict, the hostilities that have been arising against the varying races is concerning to many, and bandits and mercenaries still an ever present concern has yet to change. When a man claiming the title of Overseer begins to champion select races and has men marching across the land to keep peace, the Eldarian races become even more riled. It leaves the 'king' of a trading and peace-brokering empire to manage the ever tilting balance. When his children return from beyond a magical portal back to him, it may be too much for the delicate peace to survive.