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The village of Snefjord sits within the Crying Fjords, lonely and desolate. Long were the summers, full of fish and their netters, alive with the kiss of Krusmera. Now, abandoned and desolate are the halls of the settlers, reclaimed by the icy grip of the frozen north.


The landscape itself served as the the defense for the town, although no invaders have ever set foot upon the shores of Snefjord. The village has no visible walls, opting for shoveling the large snow deposits onto an outer embankment of the villages perimeter. 
The only exception to this, being the local inhabitants.

Industry & Trade

The majority of the inhabitants either fished or mined for their living. There were one, and at times, two shops within the village which provided a handful of opportunities. There weren't any "usual" jobs like school teachers or farmers etc. as the village was majority single or disparaged men and women, pushed out of the capital. The difficult jobs found here paid well for those who survived the environment and daily tasks.


The old stone roads which traversed the tiny town are evident only by the outline. Large rocks carve out twisting, wide berthed streets filled with smaller cobbles. Now since abandoned, snow has once more piled up, no longer maintained by the shepherds. The only indication of there ever being any roads in the first place being the staggered markers which dot the paths. The town, once used partly as a fishing village boasted a rather rusty yet robust dockside. The majority of the housing and communal buildings lie at the bottom of the fjord itself, resting upon wooden and shale stilts. Varying moors lie rusted among the broken and rotted wood. Through the summer months, the water thaws around the shore enough to crash into the rocks and wood, brandishing the old planks with cold and unforgiving water. During the nightfall, icicles form, creating shining columns amongst the wooden pillars which support the flooring above.
brown wooden pathway by Vince GX
Through the mountains which stand stark against the horizon is a long and treacherous mining funnel. The wooden planks once covered the old tracks from the snow and frost. Now, the system lies broken and withering on the mountainside. Portions of the tunnels have collapsed, scattering ore, rusted nails and memories from the past across the landscape. The strong gusts of the fjord rivaled only by Miarus himself.


While none of the stores are still open for business today, those brave few who have traveled to Snefjord for whatever reason have found relics from the past; Some have even found rare and valuable ore within carts close to and inside the mine entrance.
 The village itself now worth nothing.


Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Throzmuri's Graveyard

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Cover image: calm sea under cloudy sky by Elena Vavrdova


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