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The Plague Lands

"The Valleys of Darkness."

"A desolate waste land of pestilence and plague zombies. What a terrible fucking place that is. It makes a great defense though! Nobody has bothered to attack Al'norr in years. It's as though a curse was put on the whole location. It used to be a beautiful place, that was constantly fought over in the first age. But with the plague came the death of the flora and fauna, and the lands which the kingdom once stood became fetid with darkness."


The Plague Lands is a large area consisting of mostly valleys, some marshlands/ swamps. Al'norr is positioned at the center of these lands with a slightly elevated location.

Fauna & Flora

Basically none. Everything died.

Natural Resources

Stone, dead wood, minerals and precious metals in the area.

Alternative Name(s)
Kingdom of Al'norr
Location under
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Necromancer's Guild

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