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Elder Realms

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The explored and documented Elder Realms; a world of gritty-realism within a fantasy context. Magic is a powerful ability and only some are capable, this creates a strong divide between magical and non-magical people. Monsters are dangerous and are to be avoided, those who willingly fight them are hailed as protectors and lunatics alike.   To be honest, I wanted to make a setting where if someone was using magic, most people wouldn't have any idea what was happening or why. It seemed underwhelming to me that in the Forgotten Realms, for instance, if an adventurer casts "Mage Hand" the chance of your average shopkeep knowing exactly what was going on is relatively high. It's a High-Magic setting, which is totally fine, but I think it's more interesting when magic is illegal. It creates issues that are far more interesting in urban settings. For example, a wizard won't freely Fireball the crap out of the back alleyway when the Wererat peaks it's awful face out from behind the wall. They'll have to come up with more discreet solutions beyond blowing things up.