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Elder Gate

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The planet of Variel exists in a conflux of space. Stuck between different realms, the planet and its inhabitants experience life in a hectic manner. Gods exist in extraplanar dimensions within the planet, accepting worship and fealty from their followers in exchange for power, and the right to act on behalf of these Gods as their chosen champions. When circumstances are dire, they walk among the inhabitants using avatars powered by the worship of their followers.   Arcane magic is volatile, backfiring on its caster when not used with the proper focusing tool. A naturally mined gemstone known as "Arcanite" absorbs and re channels the chaotic magic so that spellcasting can be performed normally. And since the discovery of Arcanite, civilization has managed to blend technology with magic to further their command over the planet. Magical weapons of war, skyships, wagons and armored vehicles that traverse the world automatically, and trains that travel from large cities to their outskirt villages make up a large portion of transport in the world.   With the advent of this new technology comes new weaponry. Guns fire bolts of lightning, fire, and force, while also allowing some masters of this new technology to blend ranged combat with spellcasting. Sword, spear, axe, and shield still prove valuable weaponry to those who can fight, and have even themselves enjoyed the blend of technology and magic.   Dotting the land are portals of a forgotten age. Most have been deactivated, but some are guarded and used by security forces of the nations who have managed to unlock their secrets. While they are primarily used as transportation, some portals have been used to let horrible creatures through. Abominations from beyond time and space, that feast on any and everything, and fill the minds of those unfortunate enough to come into contact with them with whispers of horrible foreboding, and unthinkable agonies.   The greatest of all these portals, the Elder Gate, is a massive tri-ringed construct of metal and stone, etched in old gigantic runes, that exists out of reach of scholars, between the world itself and the moons of Variel. While the purpose of the Elder Gate can only be theorized, it has started to become active. Within the past six years, the rings have exhibited periodic turns and rotations in their positions. Nobody can figure out why, nor do they know to what ends the movement serves. Nations have become increasingly agitated, and relationships that were once prosperous have become tenuous at the best of times. The age of advancement and wonder that the people of Variel have enjoyed is slowly spiraling into an age of hostilities.