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city of Laradenfell

The elves of Laradenfell believe that the ever lush nature around it should go as untouched as possible. so the city is built tall rather than wide, with buildings stacked up on top of one another in a large tower-like structure. the outside of it made of woven vines and petrified wood. it stands around 500ft tall and inhabits all kinds of marvelous sectors from the trade districts on the lower floors to the undying courts sitting at the top. at the bottom of the tower, there is a garden woven along the grasslands and farms that lay before a dock where Laradenfell trade with other nations.    The city was first constructed in the early parts of 1320 when the elves started to move out of the surrounding jungle areas and further away from the feywilds in the "playful garden". the elves built the city here next to the tree of Everlife whose fruits gave magic and the ability to become undying to the worthy.    The elves used this magic to create the undying courts a group of elves that live eternally as litch but using pure energy instead of dark magic. They run the council of the city of Laradenfell and watch over all of balobia living in peace with the descendants and their ancestors. it is a great honor to be gifted the undying status and only thoughts worthy are permitted it. great intellect and wisdom are required as the undying is the guide for the nation.    A palace sits at the top of the spire of laradenfell sits overlooking the sea of shadow. its beauty is created by majestic carvings and spiraling gardens that climb the walls. The palace is open to the public but inhabits the undying court where people can come to talk to the oldest ancestors.    The markets of Laradenfell are lit with large buds filled with a iluminating sap that hang from the natural walls of the tower. The streets made built around bridges and staircases that spiral up the center of this large structure. In the middle of the are a large open space where market stalls are set up beneath the tree of everlife that grows down the middle of the tower.
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