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Everlife courts

The everlife court is a group of elves who have been blessed by the Everlife tree that has given them the ability to channel positive energy to ascend death. The elves could always live for a long time but still had to die as the sands of time took their toll on their bodies and sent them to the afterlife. in the afterlife, their souls would be reused and sent back to their descendants but their memories are only remembered in dreams and visions.    before the elves found there way to the Everlife tree they where held under the feywild laws and lived among the whimsical Feyfolk. They decided to leave their fey ancestors behind and grew tired of all the games and tricks the fey liked so much. they were guided to this decision by their god Coralon who wanted his creation to grow on its own away from the Feywilds.
Druidic Circle
Controlled Territories

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