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The Kitsune are an intelligent species who communicate telepathically. Created by the Titan Kriger, most of the Kitsune made their home on the continent of Asazaki. Some, though, remained on the continent of Thanadira, living near the place which would come to be called Mirogum Bay.   The Kitsune have the ability to control magical orbs, called obu, in a variety of ways, they are telepathic, and they have the ability to shapeshift. The obu they control are capable of many things. The obu can be used to enhance their senses, to control other minds, as a barrier, as a weapon, as a portal to another place. When in humanoid form they can only use two obu, but in full Kitsune form they can use as many obu as they have tails.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------- There are thirteen types of Kitsune in Japanese mythology. Tengoku (Heaven, Celestial, Light, Prime) Kukan (Void or Dark) Kaze (Wind) Seishin (Spirit) Kasai (Fire) Chikyu (Earth) Kawa (River) Umi (Ocean, Sea) Yama (Mountain) Mori (Forest, Woods) Sanda (Thunder) Jikan (Time) Ongaku (Music, Sound)

Basic Information


The Kitsune are quite similar to a species found on some other worlds which go by many names, but are commonly called "fox." Though the Kitsune are generally multi-tailed and are significantly larger than the foxes of other worlds.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kitsune mate for life and generally have two to three offspring, and they carry them all at the same time. Kitsune rarely have offspring more than once. Many Kitsune never get pregnant, and a large number never even mate, preferring solitude.

Growth Rate & Stages

The life expectancy of the average Kitsune is about five hundred full cycles. It takes about fifty full cycles for a Kitsune to reach maturity.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kitsune are quite large and survive on an omnivorous diet. They eat wild vegetation and hunt for food. As Kitsune are largely solitary, they often hunt animals which are smaller than them, though they have been known to hunt larger game, even other predators, using their intelligence to outwit their prey. Those Kitsune in Karthan are unable to hunt, though, and survive on the same diet as that consumed by Humans.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kitsune communicate telepathically and are capable of sensing danger. This helped the Kitsune to survive for thousands of years, though in the face of overwhelming numbers during the Orcish invasion, this extrasensory ability was all but useless.
Conservation Status
The Kitsune were once under the protection of the Humans, though more officially they were protected by the nation of Torandria. After having been hunted nearly to extinction by the Orcs, those who remained of the Kitsune were afforded protected status and given citizenship in Torandria. After Torandria was defeated in the Torn Wars, the Kitsune were scattered to the winds. They fought on the side of Humanity in the Torn Wars, but the rulers of those nations which fought against Humanity did not view them in the same way, and wanted no part in enslaving them. Some few Kitsune decided to join Humanity in slavery in the hope that they'd be able to find a way to free them. However they were not able to devise a way to do this and the descendants of those Kitsune are still trapped in the city of Karthan. Their population has risen to a more than ten thousand, but their numbers pale in comparison to that of Humanity, which numbers in the millions in Karthan. Due to their loyalty and willingness to stay by Humanity's side, though, they are treated with respect and in many cases reverence. The Kitsune Tribe in Karthan believe that a large contingent of Kitsune is alive somewhere outside of Karthan and claim to have been able to communicate telepathically with them on many occasions throughout the centuries. Despite all of this very, very few Humans know that Kitsune still exist with Karthan, or at all. Kitsune still stand out though, because of their inability to verbally communicate, but those they come into contact with just assume they are mute.

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