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Iumentum Golem

Celyus was an alchemist born in Atherus  . A peculiar man obsessed with the idea of souls lived on the fringe of society. Not much is known about how he learned the spell to bring Golems to creation. When children of a nearby village trespassed on his land, they ran back to their parents with a tale of moving statues and the glow of magic.

The leaders of the village came to his door, demanding answers. He tried to explain how he turned raw energy from the elements into beings of great might and obedience. He refused to answer how he obtained the spell. The leaders bought this to the village elder who decided that this must be the work of dangerous and foul necromancy and that Celyus was corrupted by demons. He commanded the strongest men to capture Celyus so that he may be cleansed and sacrificed in order to spare his soul from the demonic taint. They found him in his home, sitting at his empty table. They searched the area but there was no trace of the golems. They questioned him for days as to where he hid his aberrations, but he refused to speak or eat.

Realizing that he would rather waste away, they had him executed and his home burned. Before the dagger pierced his heart he looked to the sky and smiled, before he proclaimed.

This is the end for me but not my creation without which you shall all perish.

Basic Information


Iumentum Golem are humanoid with stone-colored or metallic bodies. They are a combination of magic and earthly material. They have no muscle or bones. Their chests contain a glowing core of magic, this is consider to be there 'soul'. Each golem's forehead is escribed with the mark of life, a sigil created by Celyus.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Golem are used in menial labor. Farming, mining, and building occupations are where they used. Female modeled golems are not often seen, only created by the wealthy do to the housework.

Facial characteristics

Golems have basic facial features much like a statue. They have false eyes and ears.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

These automatons can be found globally but are most common in their region of creation, Harmia.

Average Intelligence

They can follow simple commands. They have basic logical processes similar to human toddlers. Tasks with multiple steps can be taught with repetition.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Golems senses are entirely from the magic within their core. Though they may be shaped to contain eyes and ears, these do not function. They can also receive commands spoken from there creator at any distance telepathically.
Until their creators die or decide to remove their mark golems remain unaging. For human master this mean about 50 years of service.
Average Height
6-10 ft for male types. 5-5'5' ft for female types
Average Weight
300-500 lbs
Average Physique
These creatures resemble both human males and females. The male type is large and strong, capable of carrying 500-1000 lbs. The female type is smaller, built for household tasks.


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