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A goblin shopkeeper in Hedgpeth  a former member of the Characters revolution. He lived in the sewers before joining the resistance, so he helped the a group of adventurers go spelunking to find out who was killing all the elven guards (it was a chuul named Helix). The party helped him get a sorbet since he’d had so much trouble convincing the elven guards to give him one. He fought in the Battle of Hedgpeth and lost his right foot, so he now runs a sorbet shop neighboring city Hall. He survived the Sunken God's Reign of Terror in 897, using money from Sardivelia to rebuild his sorbet shop in Hedgpeth and turn it into one of the most popular dessert bars in town. He's continued to run the shop for more than twenty years, rebuffing all attempts made by Sardivelian merchants to purchase his shop.
Current Location
Year of Birth
880 55 Years old


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