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DW Session 14: Battle of Hedgpeth

General Summary

  • Wanted posters are showing up in town for Amara
  • They have her name as ‘Jones Burns’
  • She’s been connected to the murder of Gremio in Silvio
  • Best to keep a low profile till the fight begins
  • But first, Adam has to try infiltrating sorbet shop
  • He buys a disguise kit, dresses up as tacky nobleman
  • Somehow, it works
  • He buys a couple sorbets, taunts Jon Lemon w/ bananas
  • Almost everything’s ready to take over the city
  • The Characters will attack from northern part of town near farms
  • Goodberry and his men will charge from southern slums
  • Most of fighting will be concentrated in town square
  • Rest of party can sneak inside city hall amidst fighting
  • Now they just have to wait for the perfect opportunity
  • Thanks to Helix, opportunity comes when dam to the west of town is broken
  • The town square and downtown area floods
  • Some parts as deep as ten feet
  • Intense fighting at river bypasses and bridges, party begins mission
  • First, an old friend stops them near town square
  • Jon Lemon, owner of sorbet store
  • He has a bone to pick w/ Amara
  • Lemon casts cone of cold on Amara before Adam kills him
  • Party fights at least four more guards before they make it to City Hall
  • In the lobby there are two giant doors leading into archives room
  • One guard opens door and flees
  • That’s were Princess Isabel is hiding
  • She’s been consulting with the Sunken God
  • She’s obtained some slaad-like powers, but she’s become crazy
  • Wilbur is reluctant to kill her, convinces Adam not to join the fight
  • Instead, Wilbur suggests that Amara and Isabel duke it out
  • Let’s see who’s the stronger disciple of the Sunken God?
  • Boss Fight: Princess Isabel, Slaad form
  • Adam got a few good blows in before it became a one-on-one match
  • Amara starts fighting back with reckless attacks, lands some hits
  • But Isabel is strong, casts a couple of devastating fireball attacks
  • Amara nearly gets KO’d twice, but she survives the attacks
  • She even grappples Isabel and chops one of her legs off!
  • But Isabel is relentless, and a noxious cloud of poison kills Amara
  • The party is devastated, Adam goes into rage and kills Isabel
  • Amara begs for her life w/ Sunken God one last time
  • She fails to persuade him to save her from death
  • Goblins and Characters enter city hall, victorious from battle
  • Cassandra tries consoling Adam, but he feels like a failure
  • Wilbur, not one for shedding tears, does some investigating in the library
  • He captures Isabel’s soul, lets Cassandra ask her a question
  • Is everybody in Avon royal family working for Sunken God
  • The short answer, no
  • Wilbur then goes into archives, finds a pretty neat book
  • Strange Occurrences on the Continent of Pescat by Horatio Elsin
  • It’s a spellbook to cast 'Contact Other Plane', very handy
Report Date
03 Dec 2019
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