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"No war council is complete without a hobgoblin at the table." -Jalil Hafiz, 891, 4th Cycle
As one of the world's many goblinkin, hobgoblins have established themselves as insightful tacticians and leaders. While some nations like the Elflands feared their abilities and sought to stifle their political influence, others like the tiefling nation of Rakka have encouraged many hobgoblins to join the kingdom's war council and orchestrate military ventures. As one of the longest-lived race of goblinkin, the hobgoblins have a strong sense of history and the long-term consequences for every decision.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The largest community of goblinkin in the world exists in Bognil inside the tiefling nation of Rakka. For centuries the region has been under tiefling rule, and many hobgoblins from here have gone on to serve in the kingdom's military juntas. The move is considered an escape from the backwater town, as Bognil receives little support and funding from the Rakkan government.
  • A large number of hobgoblins also exist in the city of Hedgpeth in modern-day Sardivelia, forced into the city by centuries of oppressive Elflands imperial policies. Some hobgoblins attempted to found a nation of their own with the collapse of the Empire in 897, but when the Sunken God's reign of terror massacred many leading revolutionaries like Father Goodberry that same year the movement fizzled out and fell into disarray. Sardivelian money has rebuilt the city to its former glory, but many goblinkin still dream an independent nation of their own.
60 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Volo's

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