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DW Session 9: Kenku Business

General Summary

  • Party arrives in Oridelfa, capital of kuo-toa region of Elflands
  • kind of run-down, but massive Temple of Seevo looms of town
  • Rest of party shacks up in tavern
  • Giovanni offers Amara and Veridan side job
  • He’s meeting up with some people for a trade deal
  • Amara meets with High Priest Yoho first, High Priest of the Temple of Seevo
  • She explains her recent run-ins with Sunken God and his followers
  • High Priest is shocked, offers to disenchant the spear
  • Amara is unsure on who she wants to follow
  • High Priest explains the Third Coming of Sunken God
  • First time kick-started the Ostry Apocalypse
  • Second time he was defeated by Theo Faust
  • Now, he’s been awakened
  • It’s up to Amara to resist temptation
  • Amara demurs, says she’ll come back later for disenchantment
  • That night the three of them sail to small island in Oridelfa
  • A band of kenku pirates are there, under flag of the Silver Beak
  • They’ve traveled all the way from Kiri-Kawa territories for deal
  • There are crates of drugs (elfpowder), also an enchanted spyglass
  • It shows true price of any object
  • The deal is 500,000GP for it all, Giovanni tries to get it for 150K
  • With Veridan’s help he gets it for 400K
  • Along with a promise to pay kenku the rest at a later date
  • That night Amara and Giovanni try out the new drugs
  • Amara tries praying to Seevo, but she has a bad trip
  • The room floods with water, but she can still breath
  • Sunken God’s dark blue eyes glare at her from the room’s shadows
  • The two talk more, Sunken God promises chaos and new world
  • Freedom and power unheard of
  • More power than Amara ever had under Tarkov
  • After bad persuasion roll, Amara is completely at Sunken God’s service
  • Await further instructions/plot twists
  • The next day the party returns to Oridelfa
  • Time for a shopping spree!
  • Veridan goes to apothecary, buys some yellow shrimp powder
  • It’ll cause food poisoning for hours
  • Amara first checks out library for info on Sunken God
  • The library’s practically empty of any good books
  • Librarian says they’ve been confiscated for Imperial Library
  • The kuo-toa don’t like the Elflands’ high taxes and oppression
  • But they also don’t want to risk an all-out massacre
  • So Amara next goes to blacksmith for a shield
  • There’s a nice circular one with a screaming fish face on it
  • Blacksmith wants 500GP, Amara refuses to pay that
  • The two of them fight, Amara chops off blacksmith’s arm
  • She cauterizes wound, takes shield and pays 450GP
  • She might want to lay low from now on
  • Veridan also shadows High Priest Yoho for a bit
  • He’s the reason they’re in town, after all
  • Gotta find a way to discredit him for Characters
  • He’s preventing kuo-toa from joining resistance
  • Veridan gets a good feel for his schedule
Report Date
20 Oct 2019
Primary Location


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