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DW Session 18: New Year's Massacre, Pt. 2

General Summary

  • So, The Mariner says he’s already working for the Sunken God
  • He explains to party how the Sunken God saved him at sea years ago
  • Mariner was granted the powers and intellect of an aboleth
  • He formed the Characters to overthrow Elflands Empire
  • The chaos would allow the Sunken God to return
  • In display of Sunken God’s power, he introduces party to Jones Burns
  • It’s Amara, in undead wight form
  • She kills Empress with one brutal stab from Fork
  • Down below, sahuagin are storming Kassadeia, thanks to the party’s work opening the sewers
  • The party refuses to help the Mariner resurrect the Sunken God
  • Jax, Elan, Adam fight, Wilbur leans back and watches
  • Final Boss Fight: The Mariner and Jones Burns
  • Jax and Elan destroy one of tower’s windows
  • They use it to toss Amara out of the tower
  • Jax succeeds on strength check, Amara clings onto stonework
  • She tries to climb back up, but the stonework breaks
  • She falls 250-300 ft.
  • Adam focuses attacks on The Mariner, takes a lot of blows
  • The Mariner holds his own with Aboleth’s powers
  • Jax rushes over to help Adam once Amara’s thrown
  • Meanwhile, Wilbur flat-out leaves the tower
  • He goes downstairs, convinces Gug to go upstairs
  • The Gug agrees to eat ‘nuggets’ like the Mariner
  • Upon return, Gug keeps his words and deals blows to Mariner
  • Jax delivers killing blow, stabbing him w/ greatsword
  • Just in time, Sahuagin are coming up the tower
  • The Gug looks for its next meal, but suddenly it starts levitating
  • A telekinetic force pushes it out of broken window and out of tower
  • It’s Medraad disguised as a Character agent this whole time
  • He helps party escape by drawing portal to Shroud HQ
  • He doesn’t want Wilbur to come, but Wilbur casts suggestion :/
  • Back in Kanara, (most) of the party goes to sleep
  • They’ll be headed for Gameria the next day to see Queen Astrid
  • Wilbur gets apprehended by Shroud agents for questioning
  • Elan decides to help break him out of prison
  • Lots of dimension doors and polymorphs cast
  • Not sure why she helps, but it works
  • Unfortunately, she ran out of spell slots, had to sleep in cell
  • Medraad finds her, and he is furious
  • The next day Cassandra and Adam start talking over breakfast
  • Cassandra wants to go to Noggin
  • She’s worried about her family, wants to protect it from Sunken God
  • Adam offers to go along, tired of adventuring life
  • In fact, he even proposes to her!
  • And with that, the party travels back to Gameria
Report Date
04 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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