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DW Session 17: New Year's Massacre, Pt. 1

General Summary

13/4/896 - 1/1/897
  • The party goes shopping around town
  • Wilbur and Elan pick up some healing potions
  • True to form, Wilbur scams the shopkeeper with 'Suggestion'
  • Cereus goes to Waldo’s Weird Stuff, pisses off the shopkeeper
  • Adam and Cereus buy some new armor
  • Adam’s AC is improved by 3 with Half Plate armor
  • Cereus gets it improved by 2 with a shield
  • Adam also checks out a cat cafe, gets scratched by a cat and drinks a coffee
  • Jax speaks with Mariner, asks him if he has any potions
  • Mariner only has one, but he suggests visiting Waldo’s for items
  • Jax also mentions the Mariner’s true name, Prospero, to Waldo
  • Waldo's intruiged, Prospero went missing at sea three centuries ago
  • He’s an old soldier, but he doesn’t rat out Jax
  • He agrees to offer a discount, satisfied to hear about Prospero again
  • Jax buys a rope of climbing for a good price
  • Back at the Character Safehouse Adam checks out supply room
  • Finds some bitters to treat his curse hangover
  • But he does a double-take when he realizes that Amara’s body is missing
  • Adam gets freaked out, but the supply room keepers don’t know where it went
  • The ledgers have it listed in the room as recently as the night before
  • The Mariner promises that he’ll see Amara again
  • It’s almost time for the battle, just four hours till the new year
  • The Characters will attack royal palace from all sides
  • Guards are spread thin keeping track of citizens and rowdy parties
  • Rumor has it that Bianca’s in town to beef up palace defense
  • The party will infiltrate the palace, eliminate any enemies inside
  • Mariner will reunite with them after enemy has been taken care of
  • Together, they’ll race up to the tower to kill the Empress
  • As soon as the bells of the Temple of the Ageless One usher in the new year, the Characters begin their attack
  • The party climbs over the palace walls, sneaking inside the central ballroom
  • There Bianca is waiting for them, channeling her patron deity's remaining strength to transform into an adult white dragon
  • The fight's pretty intense, but Cereus summons some spiders to trap the dragon while Wilbur summons some Deep Ones to attack nearby elven guards
  • In the end both Bianca and her deity Iver are killed by the party, Bianca transforms back into her elven form
  • At the top of tower, Empress Ophelia pleads for mercy
  • She says there are darker forces that need fighting like the Sunken God
  • The Mariner says he’s already working for the Sunken God...
Report Date
28 Dec 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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